Dakhni Teetar saund l Teetar funny video l Teetar voice…


Who are we
We are passionate about birds, this is our passion and bird watching is our hobby. We upload videos about the natural resources of our animals and birds and about our agriculture and farming. We like to look for rare birds like the native chickens Franklin Black Franklin etc.  Here you will find all kinds of partridge sounds (black partridge’s voice, white partridge’s voice, partridge’s voice, black partridge’s voice.  The voice of the pheasant speaks of the black pheasant, etc.) This is a beautiful way of the world of pheasants. We travel and record videos about Tetter Bird. I love this bird with all my heart.
teetar voice
teetar sound
teetar video
teetar ki boli
mada teetar voice
francolin voice
teetar ki larai
mushki teetar ki awaz
kala teetar
kala teetar voice
kala teetar ki awaz
kali madi ki awaz
dakni teetar ki awaz
irani teetar ki awaz
desi teetar ki awaz
sawa teetar ki awaz
white teetar ki awaz
black teetar
black teetar voice
gora teetar ki awaz
Teetar female voice
pk teetar ki boli
pakistani teetar
jam ali raza
gray francolin teetar sound
teetar chicks sound
Teetar sound pk
Pk teetar sound
Tetar sound pk
Titar sound pk
Karak teetar ki ladai
Birds zone pk
My teetar
Gray partraige
Francolin teetar sound
Gray teetar sound




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