How To Get Your Music On Major Blogs | Music PR Tips


Getting your music promoted in blogs acts as a springboard to other areas such as Spotify Editorial playlists, radio coverage and even securing live events but sometimes the online promotion process can seem quite overwhelming, so this video should help!

Here is a tutorial on how to get your music placed in high readership blogs, from writing the press release, to getting featured in your dream publication.

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  1. but i was thinking… if i send my MPR to the blogs before the day of the release, then the people who read the article where can find the links related to the song and listen to it? like spotify, apple music, the music video, etc…
    because in this case i send to the blogs just the soundcloud private link of the song..

  2. Hey so I am planning a promotional campaign for my completely unreleased album and I leveraged my professional contacts to land a 1 hour slot on a radio station with 10 of my personal big name special guests… I would like to secure as many blog placements as I can over the next 3 weeks before during and after my live radio interview which is scheduled for Oct 9th is there anyway that you could help me with this? I'm looking for any and all blog placements that I can… I really wanna create a huge collective of digital footprints with my name and all my special guests and this radio interview all over them

  3. @Burstimo I noticed you didn't mention using services like SubmitHub to pitch music and get on blogs. Do you recommend not using SubmitHub and reaching out to blogs individually in the ways mentioned in this video, or is this video just a bit outdated and using services like SubmitHub are a perfectly fine and more efficient way to reach more blog editors at this time? Thanks so much!


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