Battle of The Photography Blogs: SLR Lounge vs Fstoppers


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Pye Jirsa of SLR Lounge and Lee Morris of Fstoppers take to the streets of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico to see who can take the best street fashion image

Model: Yuanilie Alvarado:

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Gear Used:

Sony A7III Mirrorless Camera:

Tamron 28 – 75 2.8 lens:

Profoto B10 portable flash (2):

Profoto Air Remote TTL (for Sony):

Profoto Zoom Reflector (1):

Profoto 20 degree Honeycomb Grid (1):

Profoto 3′ Octa Softbox:

Profoto OCF Color Gel Kit:

Think Tank Airport Roller Bag:

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Epidemic Sound –

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  1. Guys, I really enjoyed watching your shenanigans. But seriously, I learned a lot by your indirections and struggles to get the winning shot.Your sincere appreciation and acceptance of your differences is exemplary. You guys show off what is great about collaborating while at the same time trying to outdo each other without losing the spirit of camaraderie for the sake of cheap ego affirmations even though you try to mask the whole thing as if it were just another cheap joust between pros. Your humor works as a good backdrop to the serious subject you present in your episodes.Thank you. I grew up in San Juan and immensely enjoyed seeing the old town thru the lens of your wonderful video crew. When I was a teenager one of my favorite things to do after school or on weekends was to take my Kodak-Instamatic for strolls through the old town and its fortresses capturing what to me seemed to be a magical place that made me feel that I was there in some special way, with a window to generations of people who walked those same streets with the cares of the times they lived in. The last 2 or 3 decades has seen the city pop up with color and the restoration of many charming Spanish architectural treasures. I wish Lee and Kelly would do a shoot of the Old San Juan sometime.

  2. First 6 minutes of the video is why professional photographers will never switch to Sony. Anytime people say the menus don't matter, the ergonomics are good enough, who cares you can't use the touch screen for the menu. This is why it matters, and sitting looking at images at 200%, testing extreme DR, and saying look it acquires focus .1 sec faster looks great for bullet points, but not in real use.

  3. I know this is an old video but can anyone answer the sync speed question that comes up in the video, why wouldn’t high speed sync work on a Sony with the B10?

  4. Lee picks up all details about the pockets etc. and during the composite somehow has half of the door or something right next to the model? And the cable suddenly ends in the air…the edit also looks to give like ghosting behind the hair in the top right…


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