How To Create A Blog In 30 Mins ~ 2023 ~ Make A Blog Tutorial For Beginners


This how to create a blog for beginners tutorial 2023 covers all the steps needed to build your own blog website for free from start to finish with no coding. Learn how to start a blog today fast easy simple free. The make a blog course explains why HostGator is the right web host to make your blog and covers purchasing WordPress web hosting, installing WordPress for free, installing themes and plug-ins for your blog for free, and creating your own professional logo for free. It provides a very detailed and complete step-by-step walk-through of everything you’ll need to know how to create your own professional blog from start to finish using only free plug-ins.


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00:00:00 Step 01 – Introduction
00:02:13 Step 02 – Choose A Web Host
00:02:26 Step 03 – Purchase Web Hosting
00:06:12 Step 04 – Non-HostGator Domains (Name Server Settings)
00:06:45 Step 05 – Log In To Your Control Panel
00:07:15 Step 06 – Email Forward Setup
00:07:58 Step 07 – Install WordPress
00:09:20 Step 08 – How To Login To WordPress
00:09:44 Step 09 – Change WordPress Password
00:10:49 Step 10 – Display Your Blog
00:11:29 Step 11 – Install WordPress Theme
00:12:30 Step 12 – Update WordPress Theme
00:12:42 Step 13 – Install WordPress Plugins
00:15:04 Step 14 – Update WordPress Plugins
00:15:23 Step 15 – Download Blog Content
00:16:03 Step 16 – Access Create A Blog Script
00:16:28 Step 17 – Create Review Posts
00:19:14 Step 18 – Create Video Posts
00:21:26 Step 19 – Schedule A Post Release
00:21:54 Step 20 – Pin A Post To The Top
00:22:49 Step 21 – Add A Link Within A Post
00:23:37 Step 22 – Creating Empty Pages
00:24:26 Step 23 – Create Main Menu
00:25:25 Step 24 – Add Logo / Remove Title
00:26:21 Step 25 – Make A Free Logo
00:26:32 Step 26 – Update Footer Text
00:27:07 Step 27 – Build About Page
00:28:12 Step 28 – Build Contact Page
00:29:20 Step 29 – Update Author Information
00:30:13 Step 30 – Add Social Media
00:31:27 Step 31 – Add Tag Cloud
00:32:32 Step 32 – You Finished, Well Done!

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