How To Start a Blog | How I Make Over $30,000 A Month Blogging


This video is giving you the top blogging tips for how to start a blog to make money.

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In today’s video, I am giving you my top tips on how to start a blog and how I was able to start a blog that earns me thousands of dollars a month as a full-time college student.

I posted a video last year when I was making $9,000 a month on my blog with my top blogging tips for anyone that is looking to start a blog that earns them money and that video has BLOWN UP. Since then, my blog has grown even bigger and I’m now making over $30,000 a month on my website so I am coming on and telling you more blogging tips that I’ve learned and will help you skyrocket your own blog into making money.

This video is all about the best blogging tips on how to start a blog and make money #howtostartablog #bloggingtips #howtostartablogtomakemoney #howtostartablogandmakemoney #blogging

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  1. So true we can all be mini-narcs, focusing on what can "no 1" get from this video, with very little care or empathy going towards the YouTuber. Thats really important to know. Its not just u or on YouTube tho, try not to take it personally

  2. Sorry this is not blogging – your site is a magazine/store. No one in their right mind who has any knowledge of what a blog is would open a blog or start blogging to make money.

  3. Hello, Im new to starting a blog and Im a little bit confused. Can I go in Etsy and buy a them and install it into my WordPress website ? is that what Etsy pattern means ? what is the difference to just going on word press and downloading a theme ? I'm getting myself confused I think! Thanks for your videos 🙂

  4. Im a stay at home mum and writing is a passion of mine and been wanting to start a blog and earn money so thank you for these tips!

    I have plenty of free time after i do all my housework while my girl is at school so this is perfect!

  5. You inspired me so much I’m going to already make an office and make a job as blogger until I’m ritch enough to buy Olive Garden then I’m going to retire from blogging and start marketing I’m saving my money and am going to move into a high rise aha yes! 💯✨🫧🌸💖👩‍🦳💃🐈‍⬛🕊🥂

  6. Awesome video! Thanks for posting. I see this was 2 years ago now. Maybe your social media personal assistant (by now) will have time to respond “thanks” to my post here? 😂. Maybe not!
    I’ve had off and on interest in starting a blog. I have a lot of thoughts and am a fairly good writer. I just don’t know if the subject matter Id want to cover would see enough traffic. I don’t want to do it just to make money but if I invest a lot of time into it I would like for it to be monetized.


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