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Programmers That Don’t Blog Should Start Right Now

Programmers That Don’t Blog Should Start Right Now

Programmers that don’t blog should start right now. You’re future self with thank you when your blog helps you getting a better job, earn more money and of course, have an easier time learning new concepts.

Check out Hashnode at:

I’m going to have my own blog set up on (below) or those who want to see that directly!

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Three good reasons to blog as a programmer.

1. Most successful developers blog
2. Blogging is a way to teach learn and showcase your skills
3. By showcasing their skills, they get opportunities for new jobs, affiliate marketing, and much more.

I reach out to them and they were kind enough to sponsor this video.

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  1. please could someone answer my question?
    im confused whether i should use a blogging platform such as hashnode as mentioned in this video or code my own blogging website from scratch.
    im afraid that no one is gonna read or visit it after spending time and effort on it ,but it will however help me improve my react js skills

  2. I have a question

    What are different ways to earn as well

    on your blog other than sponsors (they are not available in my country 🙁

    and can you add ethical content related ads, if so how?


  3. Hey Mr Adrian, I've recently written a blog on this exact same topic, and then I remember about this awesome video I've seen before. Can I put this video on my blog as a suggestion to my readers?

  4. No. 1 reason why you should not blog: You live in Germany where every blogger is required by law to give away her private address, inviting stalking and abuse of all kind 🙁

  5. The word editor is pathetic for the lack of a better work. It lacks a lot of features to be desired. Its buggy as hella eg: it eats up text when trying to bullet point sometimes. The bold button will not work sometimes.

  6. Great that I found your video! I am now going to make a blog of my own and will use your ideas. But didn't quite get if it ends up on a website of my own that is in my own control.

  7. OMG!! This transformations is absolutely amazing!! I newly started Bitcoin trade and I've been making losses but recently I see a lot of people earning from it. Please can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong °


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