Home News Video How Much Do Blogs Earn in 2022? It Changed Again!

How Much Do Blogs Earn in 2022? It Changed Again!

How Much Do Blogs Earn in 2022?  It Changed Again!

We surveyed bloggers like you to find out how much blogs are earning every month. In this video, we share what we found. It’s amazing how much it varies for sites of different sizes. This study unearthed some interesting opportunities to make the most money for every article you write.


0:00 – How Much Do Blogs Earn?
1:14 – Earnings for 10 Posts
4:00 – Earnings for 50 Posts
5:50 – Caveats for this Study
6:48 – Earnings for 100 Posts
9:22 – Earnings for 500 Posts
13:09 – Optimizing for Earnings

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  1. I need to understand. I have a blog with 53 articles. Have not earned a dollar so far. Even with Adsense. Need a pro to check my blog and see what I am not doing correctly. Who could do that?

  2. Are you looking at a fair representation of blogs out there, i.e. are you filtering out those who only work on their blogs half-heartedly, or are you including any blogs you come across? I gather it's US-based blogs, correct?

  3. It’s hard for me to stay focused on these sorts of things but i genuinely think it’s the only career that will make me happy so I’m gonna grind it out. Once it’s out there it’s out there forever & people will always find it even in the future. Was it posts per month & how many words on average? Is it better to pump out lots of low quality content or less high quality content,

  4. About 2 months ago my EPMP was about $12 now it is $4.01 and dropping. I have 37 articles and am making $43.99 in ad revenue and about $20 in affiliate marketing. 2 months ago I was bringing in over $110. Hopefully, the EPMP's will start going up again.

  5. Thanks for the great video! I’m a new affiliate marketer- this video makes it sound like if you just keep on creating GOOD high level content in a solid niche, views will come in on their own. Is this correct?

  6. Great video as always from IS…but the reality is -it’s very hard to quantify how much you can make ?? there’s so many factors that determine this…backlinks, keyword, domain authority etc…in addition, everyone comes at Affiliate marketing from a different staring point ..perhaps you can do an updated video !!

  7. I'm getting literally ZERO clicks on my website and blog after 4 months according to google search console, though I've been ranked as high as 8, which should be pretty good for a new website. Only 15 blog posts published so far, but I think they're pretty high quality and have internal links and google ads. So why no clicks?

  8. Sorry to say that your numbers do not apply to 99% of those who have blogs. Only 1% of the websites will reach those numbers and 99% will fail…blogging is hard… Blogging is very very hard nowadays…


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