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Step #1 0:24
Step #2 0:41
Step #3 3:34
Create Paragraphs 4:29
How does It work? 5:25
is this enough? NO! 6:45
Revealing a Secret 7:32
Another Secret 9:19
Rank Your Article 11:07

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  1. I like AI assisted writing but the fact is it is hard to find out if the price doesn't represent value. If we keep on saying that the price doesn't represent value for money we will be free to use the next one. I have a good one with notes and some photos from my work.

  2. I despise this.

    Instead of using AI, maybe use your money to HIRE MORE WRITERS.

    Are you editing those blogs????? Are you making sure theyre factual?????

    Are you just pumping out blogs for the sake of it? Do you actually care about your audience? Or the topics youre writing about? Or the writers? Is this just money to you?


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