Famous Movies Without Special Effects…


This is what movies really look like! A behind the scenes look of your favorite movies and TV shows. You won’t believe what these movies look like before and after special effects.

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  1. I'm sorry, but I have to correct the very first line in the video.

    This, for the most part, is what lazy modern Hollywood products look like without visual effects.

    You actually could do most of these scenes with minimal or no CGI or green screen.
    But you'd be more restricted and creative, which is BETTER.

    These scenes have Zero tension in them because they don't feel real whatsoever. The fact that they can literally do whatever they want in the scene is a detriment.

    I'm not saying films should never use CGI, but when pretty much every film uses 99% CGI, that's an outrage.

  2. america,…land of FAKE in EVERYTHING! Hence why i DON'T watch or BUY any of your COMPUTER MADE movies anymore. Take away ALL that CGI and SPECIAL EFFECTS,…and the movie will be NOTHING!

  3. I thought the movie scenes were supposed to be those without special effects? I thought it was going to be cool clips of actors actually doing it themselves like the tom cruise one ~which was the only one


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