Home News Video ChatGPT Tutorial – How to Create a Profitable Blog with AI (Step By Step)

ChatGPT Tutorial – How to Create a Profitable Blog with AI (Step By Step)

ChatGPT Tutorial – How to Create a Profitable Blog with AI (Step By Step)

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In this video, I cover how you can use ChatGPT to create profitable blog posts and 10x your content output. This includes how to use ChatGPT to create blog posts, how to make money with ChatGPT, and if AI is going to change blogging forever.

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  1. People who are complaining about the unreliability of Chatgpt may have perhaps failed to use it properly. ChatGpt is just out, and the way it is giving out output is insane. I tested with a prompt to bake an article that needed emotions, and the outcome blew my mind. Even if I had done it myself, I wouldn't have written with such accuracy and flow. Just imagine where it goes in years. Perhaps critics and naysayers said the same thing when computers came out for the first time. No one would have imagined that someday we would watch movies and global news and gather information in the palm of our hands. Can AI replace writers? I am pretty sure it can, and it already is, unless you are highly imaginative, creative and unique.

  2. Do you think this means that smaller bloggers will just not be able to keep up? So, blogs with employees able to generate 100 posts a month instead of a single blogger who can use ChatGPT to generate 20-30 blogs a month, will the small blogger just never keep up?

  3. Your video was simply great! Upgrade your GPT control with the "Ultimate Gpt Toolbar" Chrome extension, featuring voice control, export options for Word and PDF, and more than 200 prompts. It was a big hit, with 10,000 downloads in one day.

  4. Your video was outstanding! Stay ahead of the technology trend with the Chrome extension "Ultimate Gpt Toolbar", featuring voice control, export options for Word and PDF, and over 200 prompts. It was a huge hit, with 10,000 downloads in one day.

  5. Your video was excellent! Enhance your GPT control with the "Ultimate Gpt Toolbar" for Chrome, including voice control of GPT, the option to export to Word and PDF, and more than 200 prompts. It saw 10,000 downloads in 24 hours.

  6. Adam, you've really outdone yourself with this one! Your tutorial on creating a profitable blog with AI had me laughing, learning, and clicking that "subscribe" button all at the same time. Your step-by-step approach is like following a recipe for success (but without the baking). And the best part? You manage to make AI technology seem less intimidating and more like your trusty sidekick. I can't wait to implement your practical tips and tricks to start my own profitable blog (with a little help from my robot friends, of course). Thanks for sharing your awesome expertise, Adam!

    As you might've guessed, this was written by chatgpt

  7. Excellent. I was told on a webinar today, that Google has changed their policy on AI-generated content, now allowing and ranking it IF it is good content overall. Do you know if that is true?

  8. Nice video and very informative. I am a little confused about the AI detection area with Google. I thought Google recently came out and said content written by AI is ok as long as it answers the question users are looking for. So if I write an article using AI on how footwork is critical to playing high-level tennis, and the content provides in-depth reasoning on the subject, does Google still ignore it?

  9. It's already too late. Chat GPT started in November of last year, with 4 starting just a week ago. Each new step will come so much sooner that we mere humans will be wiped out (in terms of content posting) within a few months.

  10. I asked ChatGPT to write an article about fitness supplements and originalityAI gave it a score of 36% original. Then I pasted a review of a music album I wrote for an English class. This review was made 100% by me, it was written using all the creativity I have in my bones, with the help of zero outside sources, and it got a score of 73% original. That's completely fucked.

  11. sorry for the noob question but, is there a reason why it has to be wordpress? I was starting to build on wix. I would like to know so i don't waste my time.

  12. I'm just now learning everything, but Google's Developer Website claims that they don't care if content is created by AI as long as it is quality content created with the consumer in mind and isn't spam designed strictly for Google Ranking.

  13. Hi Adam, great info as usual. I wonder why I get this reply to the same prompt as you used in the video:

    As an AI model, I cannot provide real-time data, but I can suggest some keyword ideas that may have high search volume and low competition related to Peru. The actual performance of these keywords may vary, and you should perform up-to-date keyword research using the mentioned tools to identify the most effective keywords.

    My question was the same, but subject Peru

    Why did it work with you and not with me? He just gives a few potentially good keywords, but not like yours replied..

  14. Google's ranking algorithms do not discriminate against AI-generated blog posts. However, these posts may not necessarily rank high solely based on the fact that they were generated by an AI model. Like all content, the ranking of AI-generated posts is based on factors such as relevance, quality, user engagement, and other SEO best practices. As long as the AI-generated post meets these criteria and provides value to the reader, it has the potential to rank well.

  15. One thing chatgpt cannot do yet is write an article solely off other articles you give it. So if ChatGPT doesn't know the subject matter you can give it links but it will still throw in unrelated information into the blog. I have been playing around with this and even if you tell it not do that it still does. Easy way to test it is to pick a band or something not common and have it write an article based only on the sites you give it.


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