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Chat GPT – SEO and Blogging Will Never Be The Same

Chat GPT – SEO and Blogging Will Never Be The Same

You can’t watch YouTube for 3 minutes these days without hearing something about AI or Chat GPT. That’s because AI is finally getting to the point that we could actually believe that it’s a human! That’s a big deal. So today we’ll break down Chat GPT and AI to discuss what it means for the future of SEO and Blogging.

0:00 – Questions About Chat GPT and AI
0:55 – Chat GPT’s Cool Capabilities
2:05 – AI and Chat GPT’s Impact on SEO
4:31 – Why Google Doesn’t Like AI-Generated Content
5:26 – The Limitations of AI
10:43 – AI’s Biggest Limitation for Blogging and SEO
13:25 – Will Chat GPT End Blogging?
14:04 – AI and Chat GPT’s Impact on Blogging
17:17 – Using AI as a Blogging Tool
19:42 – The Role of Humans in the world of AI
21:41 – What This All Boils Down To

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  1. Hey! Thanks for watching. I'm curious to know, what sorts of things are you doing with AI these days on your blog?

    Also, don't miss my interview with Kyle Roof in my very next video. Cheers!

  2. I use it all the time, but to your point, it has many limitations. You must be involved in text. It helps me with creativity by giving me ideas to work with. AI is a tool. As we had to learn how to use a computer, we have to learn how to use AI as a help. We definitely need to be aware of the progress of the development of the software. To your point, if we aren't producing content, the AI will have nothing to base its answers on. But it can do some neat generic stuff. You must check any facts it produces. I don't use ChatGPT for anything other than messing around, but in many respects it as good or better than my regular AI tool. I'm sure at some point it will be charged base.
    Great video! Thanks

  3. The thing is, ChatGPT is trained on a very small data set right now. So the shocking level of output and capabilities of ChatGPT that is blowing the minds of many people is from a fraction of the information it could potentially be using. My honest opinion is, the distance between the invention of the first computer to the release of the first AI such as ChatGPT was far, but now we’re here. The distance between ChatGPT being what it is now and ChatGPT becoming highly intelligent is no more than a few steps away. I believe by the end of 2023 either the current GPT Devs, or another party, will begin training the AI using LIVE datasets. Once that happens the AI will become extremely smart and will always become smarter, since it will learn as fast as things are created around it while learning thousands of things simultaneously and drawing relations between them all.

    In terms of experience, if an AI was trained on every piece of schooling that a surgeon learns through years of school. It would “technically” know the same things the surgeon has learned. Now what’s missing is the experience the surgeon gains through human interaction. But what if the AI gets fed terrobytes of video data from decades of surgeries by doctors all around the world. Seeing complications and how they were solved etc.

    At that point the AI could potentially know more than the human doctor in book knowledge and in experience

    Just theories here. I’m a big fan of the channel I bought ur course too so been following along with all of this stuff

  4. 1. AI can't provide human experience – Counter Argument: AI can provide human-like experiences through natural language processing and machine learning to provide insights into a given topic that may not be as easily accessible to humans.

    2. AI can't provide product reviews – Counter Argument: AI can analyze user reviews and data to provide insights into a given product or service that may not be as easily accessible to humans.

    3. AI can't test anything – Counter Argument: AI can be used to automate testing processes and provide insights that may not be as easily accessible to humans.

    4. AI can't provide opinions – Counter Argument: AI can provide opinions based on data and analysis of user reviews and data to provide insights into a given opinion that may not be as easily accessible to humans.

    Guess who(what) wrote this

  5. You can basicaly ask chatgpt on some blog titles in x niche then ask it to write a blog post and then tell it to rephrase said blog post to be unique and boom. Then you can add your own images ect and make the blog post look nice.

  6. Response from GPT. Asked what alternative methods there are to cleaning the snow in your driveway when your snowblower keeps getting jammed.

    If your snowblower keeps getting jammed while trying to clear snow off your driveway, there are a few things you can try to fix the issue:

    Check the auger: Make sure the auger, which is the part of the snowblower that moves the snow, is not clogged with ice or debris. If it is, clear it out and make sure it can move freely.

    Adjust the skid shoes: The skid shoes are located at the bottom of the snowblower and determine how close the auger is to the ground. If they are set too low, they can cause the auger to hit the ground, which can cause it to jam. Adjust the skid shoes to the appropriate height for your driveway.

    Use the right type of snow: If you are trying to clear heavy, wet snow, it can be more difficult for the snowbl

    I stopped it here, went outside, and adjusted the type of snow that I was trying to blow.

    I also adjusted the skid shoes so they were the "appropriate height for my driveway".

    Definitely follow the same guidelines for mowing your lawn people. Stay Safe!

  7. Hey Ricky!

    Thank you for such great insights. A person who himself is familiar with blogging can understand the ins and outs of it and how AI would affect the industry.

    Meanwhile, I was looking into the article: Salad Fork vs Dinner Fork

    Back in April 2022, it was ranking for 100+ keywords including the primary ones such as "salad fork vs dinner fork".

    But now, it is not even in the top 100 positions.

    Would you please give a take on that or your thoughts on why this might have happened as I am very curious to know what I could do in these kinds of situations.

  8. I completely agree. I’d also like to say how scary it’ll be when it learns our human behavioral partners. Most of us die after 100 years. But building an AI can show us our living cycles.

    For instance, on Facebook. Every year it shows me a picture of something I was interested or into at the time. I used to laugh, until I realized I started getting back into that a few days prior from seeing that picture. Anyone else notice you own living cycle? Kind of scary stuff lol

    Or did I already say this last year.. 😂

  9. Great video. Fascinating topic of blogs vs Ai. And of course the bigger question of whether ranking well on Google will be relevant in the coming years. I predict a change being Google becoming a reliable source of information and Ai a quick-fix and straight to the point answer.
    You have covered this on your videos for years by emphasising the importance of "authoritativeness" of the author. It's almost as though Google seen this coming years ago.
    Will Google be able to identify blogs that have copied content from ChatGPT? Of course they will. Google have used Ai for years. That's why none of us "totally" understand their ranking algorithms. Interesting times ahead.
    In my opinion, ChatGPT is the biggest technological step forward since the start of the internet.
    In just a few years, we may be looking back and laughing at ourselves at how we relied on search engines to find information. Old age pensioners will be chirping in about how they used newspapers & Yellow Pages in their day.

  10. My instructions: High School Bands in the 1960s, Vic Vener and the California Philharmonic, and the Surfing craze in the 1960s

    ChatGPT: The 1960s was a time of great change and musical experimentation. High school bands played a significant role in the music scene of the era, particularly in the realm of rock and roll. Many high school students formed bands, and performed at school dances, local clubs, and community events.
    The Beatles, who became famous in the early 1960s, had a profound impact on high school bands of the decade. Their music and style influenced a new generation of musicians and popularized the concept of the rock and roll band. As a result, many high school students picked up instruments, formed bands and started performing rock and roll music.
    In addition to rock and roll, high school bands of the 1960s explored a variety of musical styles including folk, soul, R&B, and blues. This era was also marked by the emergence of garage rock, which was characterized by its raw and unpolished sound and was often performed by high school bands.
    Overall, high school bands of the 1960s played an important role in shaping the musical landscape of the era and introducing a new generation of musicians to rock and roll and other musical styles.

    My rewrite: My family moved around a lot. I was at Pasadena about 1 and a half semesters – part of Spring '62, summer, and part of Fall, and I was in the band there, playing baritone.
    Our band leader (whose name I thankfully forget now) was a drunk, and I always wondered why he didn't crash his beautiful Model A Ford that he always drove to school. Just before we moved, in January '63, I told my parents about it. Of course they went and complained to the principal, Gladys Edwards (we kids called her Glad Ass Eddies, and Old Happy Bottom). Result, I got kicked out of band.
    Remember that the early sixties was characterized by the surfing craze? Many kids came to school in early 50's or even late 40's station wagons – "Woodies" we called 'em. Guys liked to school wearing open Pendleton woolen shirts as a jacket, and t-shirts. Nobody printed stuff much on t-shirts, except if a surfboard company ( CON, DEWEY WEBER ) had them printed up. So of course, Ole Happybottom didn't like it, so she made a rule that we couldn't wear them that way, they had to be buttoned up and tucked in.
    That was the year I started smoking, and got caught smoking in the boys room. I didn't hear one of the boys saying "Ditch 'em, teacher's coming" so I got caught with a lit ciggie and the other boys were looking at the ceiling and whistling. I got to visit Ole Happybottom, and had to ("GOT TO", really!) spend the week at home.
    We band peeps got to go on a few bus trips for football games. Sure, we were in Pasadena, but our high school didn't get to march in the Rose Parade. But on the bus, I learned the unofficial Pasadena cheer, which I remember and chuckle about to this day: "FUCK! SHIT! CHINAMAN SNOT! NINETY-NINE ASSHOLES TIED IN A KNOT! RAH! RAY! LIZARD PISS! RAT! SHIT! FUUUCK!!!" — which of course, the whole school yelled, led by our cheerleader, during the game. Ole HB didn't like it a bit and passed a rule that we couldn't do that, which everybody ignored. Kiss my OHB Ass, Glad Ass!
    So that summer, my friend the Vic Vener, the Horn player, (who is now the conductor of the California Philharmonic in Glendale), took me and my baritone to the Summer Band Workshop in Pasadena. I auditioned and made 1st chair baritone, out of 5 kids. The music director there commented on how well I sight-read the transposed baritone part from the 4th movement of Tchaikowsky's 4th symphony, though since I was the fifth kid to play the audition, I had had time to silently memorize how to play it.
    So anyway, the HS band leader got a whole raft of new kids that fall, and since there were already enough baritones and not enough trombones, he assigned me to 4th chair trombone, and gave me an unplayable Olds trombone. That was about the same time I complained to my parents about how unsteady he was leading us. We moved to Renton, Washington after a couple of months, and I didn't get to enroll in the band, until a month later we moved to Redmond, and I got to play French Horn for the first time, both in band and orchestra. That was the beginning of my career as a horn player, and later a pro horn player, but that is for another story or two.
    What I learned: If you complain about your teacher, it is likely YOU that will suffer, not the teacher.

  11. Why Create Fear & Panic
    Think about the concept.
    Every time Wendy's or Burger King creates a new product ,
    Does Mcdonalds says,
    " Damn we're done ? "
    No !! Their brand has existed consistently for close to 100 years……

  12. How can Google be against A.I. – While building A.I. – and allowing A.I content since at least 2014?
    “The Associated Press began using AI for story generation in 2014. Putting AI to work in content creation is not new, and the most important factor here is its intelligent application,” Miranda Miller, Sr. Managing Editor here at Search Engine Journal.
    I think if it is quality content , checked and verified, and used to help the reader get their answers; we should be ok with it.

  13. Ai uses content produced by human, paraphrasing it and make it sound good. If all human stops producing content, Ai will have nothing to paraphrase. We will be back to Stone Age. ChatGPT has been specific and said it’s updated to 2021. Meaning he’s relying on data produced until 2021 unless another update. That was because by then human content was massively in use. In the years ahead if all humans sort for Ai content, relevancy of content against modern age will be questioned. Read other sources you will understand that not only does it threaten our survival, it’s also another means of stealing from hard working people, paraphrasing and taking ownership.

  14. Ricky has said that he uses AI, particularly for things like brainstorming, so I don't think it's exactly a bad thing. In fact, Google has even come out and said they have no plans on penalizing AI content on blogs, which makes sense since their entire goal is to provide the best answers/content, regardless of who writes it. Furthermore, as a bit of an experiment, I've actually taken Income School articles and plugged them into various AI detectors — text that I know for a fact Ricky wrote because I watched him do it! — and it still came up with a certain percentage as being "suspected "AI.

    My point is, the detectors aren't really as accurate as they try to pretend to be, and AI will likely never replace us anyway. Sure, it's great for gathering dry facts and generating ideas, but no matter how sophisticated it gets, it can never, ever, EVER, replace your experiences. And it's that experience that makes us who we are; it's what makes us human. So, use it as a tool, but I don't think we should get all weird and fear what it can do. Just my $.02 cents.

  15. I think at the end of the day it saves time with collecting information, but if you can put the information you have already into the information it gathered and add a spin to it, your spin, then I think it’s a boon

  16. Plus I’ve just seen a blogger show how to make an article, the thing is he had to do a lot of research beforehand, he had to do a lot of keyword search and also had to patch out his blog, I think there is still enough time for humans left

  17. I understand what you are saying about factor base posts, but, surely once somebody’s got to your website they will want to click around and have a read, I have friends who go to peoples websites because they enjoy the layout and what the person has created. Surely they are a good addition to the Arsenal of keeping people on your website?

  18. it's now possible to use Chrome extension (Web ChatGTP) with access to the Internet which can give up-to-date answers and also provides sources that prove it.

  19. I see articles in the travel niche written with AI and many are awful. I think they list every location as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Unless these blogs are edited, they are very obvious to anyone that has been to the location.


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