Home News Video Why Modern Movies Suck – They Hate Men (Part 1)

Why Modern Movies Suck – They Hate Men (Part 1)

Why Modern Movies Suck – They Hate Men (Part 1)

Masculine male characters seem to be a dying breed in modern movies. Why? Well, I’ve got a few ideas…

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  1. What we have all been witnessing and suffering through is Hollywoke's attempt to 'change the world' by emasculating the Patriarchy and empowering the Matriarchy. It really is just that simple. The opportunity that was given them because of the 'Me Too' and other feminist movements was exploited by the most militant feminists among them. They had a chance to change the culture of Hollywood for the better. Instead they chose to make it worse by attempting to swing the pendulum all the way to the other side of wrong. They are completely clueless regarding how to succeed in the cinematic world as indicated by their constant attacks on the very fandoms whose support they would need to succeed. Hollywoke has been taken over by talentless actorvists and feminists whose sole focus on movies and television shows is to promote the false idea that there are no differences between the male and female of our species. To advance the ridiculous idea that, somehow, during our "evolution" the primary role of human women was 'limited' to that of bearing and nurturing our offspring while men engaged in hunting for food and protecting the clan. A model that has allowed our species to reach the stage of development it has. I'm not bragging on the job we have done to this point, I don't think anyone sees human civilization as the 'light of the universe', but we're still here and that's something to work with. Unfortunately for them they taken every opportunity to degrade any and all heroic male character from past stories and replaced them with a female version that is better in every way, in their eyes, even though these female characters have no back story because they were simply 'gifted' all the attributes that the original male character had to 'earn' in their origin story. It doesn't matter to the gawd awful writers of this feminist tripe because they are swinging the pendulum of balance, again as they see it, from masculism to feminism while including every talentless LGBTQIA+ hack that can remember their lines for 'representation'. They have become so drunk with their newfound Hollywoke power that they forgot you need more than opportunity to succeed there, you also need actual talent and based on the mountain of garbage the actorvists, misdirectors and gawd can you really call them writers, that window of opportunity is rapidly closing. Too bad. Had the feminists taken a less ridiculous and controversial approach to their 'remakes', stopped with the pointless gender and race-swapping and the castration of all the male characters from the classics, they might have had a chance to establish a 'beach head' in Hollywoke. Of course they would have had to find some talent in their pool of feminist 'schemers and screamers' to make it work. But they didn't. Instead they decided to take on the Hollywood establishment that is now and always has been the dominated by sleazy men, sorry ladies, just stating historical fact. For future reference, if you want to succeed, do not insult or castigate the very people who are giving you the opportunity in the first place. Even Hollywoke has to make a profit to continue existing and all the 'woke' garbage emanating from there is causing them to hemorrhage dollars daily. That can only go on for so long and then they will be as bankrupt financially as the old Hollywood was morally. So my question to all the feminists out there is this; Where is the victory? Where is the triumphant "I told you so"? All you have managed to do here is show that you have no idea what is required to succeed in Hollywood. You could have had success right out of the gate and nurtured that success over time to bring a more balanced approach to storytelling. But this is generally the fate of extremism. You tried to take Hollywood by force and you failed miserably. As I write this comment the feminist actorvists and the rest of the untalented horde that has infected Hollywoke will soon be gone, relegated to a mere footnote in cinematic history. Better luck next time?

  2. Some people act like every single film or video game ever released is just for them. Logically, if they don't like said film / video game/ TV series, it needs to be changed to suit them.
    Let people enjoy things! I absolutely hate things like fast and the furious, or those high school musical type films and guess what? I just don't watch them I don't demand they be changed.

  3. It’s also a self-fulfilling prophecy to repeatedly show masculinity in it’s most toxic form and show women as…the fkin’ same thing, but then it’s good. The result is that everyone is increasingly a paragon of toxic masculinity.

  4. Excellent video sir. One of your very best IMHO.

    Edit: One more thing, we shouldn't even have to justify the value of men to the world. Let's just start by counting how many have died to preserve freedom.

  5. “We’ve got nothing to look forward to in the present and our past is slowly being taken away from us” well now doesn’t that describe the new era. You’ve totally nailed it. I was once an actor yet after scrolling for endless hours looking for something decent to watch on the many streaming channels after revisiting anything pre-ninety’s, I’m actually quite happy I don’t have to degrade myself. I just thought I’d struck gold by finding a recent series with Jai Courtney. Now Jai an Australian man who doesn’t like playing the new age hair up in a man-bun metrosexual, nope he genuinely prefers to play the bad guy and it hasn’t been easy for him as he’s navigated his way through Hollywood with some self respect in tact. In this Netflix series I’m talking about called Kaleidoscope (TV Mini Series 2023‑2023) he’s been forced to play the meat head Australian who ends up loosing the girl to the super intelligent, sensitive gen-z guy who out smarts him. To be honest I’m just guessing because I’ve only watched one and a half episodes before becoming so disappointed with Jai’s character I moved over to YouTube to watch your interview with Russell. Well done by the way. Getting back to my grievances the children today including my own are all just generally
    ” lamentable” they also all seem to have their heads firmly wedged in the fantasy bag. I could say “wait isn’t this just the reversal of Yin and Yang which has been prophesied about for roughly five thousand years, it’s true that at this very juncture in history according in the I-Ching or Book of changes” Yin (female) is in prosperity and Yang (male) energy is in decline and that me old mate is the reason most(all) men are under their wives heel. Wait that’s a little too new age for even you, sorry. That’s it, nice speaking at you and I’ll catch ya later. Both of you.😂

  6. To finally put an end to this: All men should – from tomorrow morning – quit any and all work. From leaders of nations on down. We should relinquish all control of everything to women. I will bet any amount of money that within six months, they will have schismed more times than the Catholic Church and wars will have broken out (both Civil and International) all over the globe. Give them what they want until they don't want it anymore, then make them pay hugely to take it away.

  7. Modern movies dont suck though. Yeah the past year didnt have as many great films as the past 60 combined but can that really be expected? More films are released every year than what Disney produces.

  8. What would bring about WWIII? A self-righteous woman going up against a macho nut., like Putin. Since Biden doesn't give nutty Kamala the time of day, that might not happen. Phew! Dodged that one! But there's still time.

  9. I can think of an actually good and proper use of the first two tropes, although it certainly isn't modern and came from an even older book. The story of Michael Corleone is itself a deconstructed 'hero'. His failures to balance his stoicism necessary for his source of income against showing genuine care for his immediate family results in him having nothing in the end but a death alone, at a ripe old age, from nothing but age.

  10. Wow I thought I was the only one thinking this way. Haven't been to the cinema for years, haven't liked any of the current movies just the "oldies". Thanks for the honest breakdown of what is happening to "entertainment".


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