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Iceberg of Infamous Tumblr Blogs

Iceberg of Infamous Tumblr Blogs

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  1. onetime i reblogged a post from guad saying something wholesome like be kind to yourself or something along those lines and i got sent the 10 page google doc about them in response. this was sometime last year i truly am so tired

  2. I would say shame on you for making me remember early tumblr, but I clicked on this. I did this to myself, and now I'm going to send this to my friends so they too must relive this era of tumblr with me.

  3. As an Old (31yo) who started tumblr in 2011 and got to see the batshit live, this video is blessed. It was WILD to be in college at the height of this stuff, and honestly preserving the history feels weirdly important, like being in an archeological dig

  4. I actually saw the OSHA account runner on tumblr the other day because they replied to someone talking about them. The other guy was like, "Why did you stop? Commit to the bit." And they were like, "I committed to the bit so hard I ended up in federal court."

  5. The thing that always got me the most about Just Girly Things was that it wasn't even just mainstream teenage girl stuff, it was like…the majority of humanity stuff. "Being weird with your best friend" or "decorating the walls of your bedroom" are things that almost every person regardless of age or gender does. The blog could have been renamed "Just Human Things" and it would have made as much sense.

  6. Just a reminder that Biggest Gaudiest Patronuses completely made up that history of the Jack-o-lantern. That tradition goes back to Slavic Europe and has to do with a weird folk legend about pumpkins coming alive and playing tricks on people if left out under a full moon, not Irish immigrants in America making them out of root vegetables.

  7. The clown meat dream story from Gaud forcibly shoved me back into the past when humor like that was considered "weird and funny" and oh my god what was wrong with us ten years ago to think that kind of shit was actually humorous.


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