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  1. Something Dark is Coming(New World Order)
    For Some Is War(World War 3)
    For Others Is Power(The Elite Gets their Long Awaited Total Control Of The World Population through CBDC)
    We have To prepare for The Worst(Buy Gold, Silver and All the essentials Items)
    Perhaps Its time to begin Again(The Elites The Great Reset)

    So Much Subliminal Message In Movie trailers

  2. OOOOOMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGG 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😍😍😍😍😍😍😍Tbis looks F*cking Unreal I cant wait to Watch this Cant wait to See Ezra aswell as Keenan

  3. I’m not particularly interested in the newest SW shows aside from Andor… but I’ll watch this one. I want to see Thrawn in action again. And they had better get it right!

  4. To remove the timeline of the sequel trilogies, use the World Between Worlds discovered in Rebels and eliminate it as canon. I am certain it will be explored once more in this show.

  5. Feels good. Feels good too knowing Kathleen Kennedy had very little to do with this and that she’s basically losing her mind 😂. Her Rey trilogy is a sham and was never greenlit by anyone in Disney. Bob Iger is going to have another meeting with her in the coming days and will probably cancel her announcements 😂 just like they did with other projects. Many of her project announcements haven’t come to fruition either.
    Rian Johnson’s trilogy: scrapped
    Rogue Squadron: indefinite hold (sadly as I actually kinda looked forward to that)
    Damon Lindeloff’s film: cancelled
    Solo Sequels or other anthology films: cancelled
    Acolyte: main creative head has been fired 😂
    Hidalgo is also likely getting fired soon along with her other cronies at the “Story Group”. 😂
    Feels good. All those bastards and bullies are getting justice, and it’s unfortunately for the wrong reasons, but whatever. Money is always most important when it comes to (((Hollywood))) and (((Disney))) and even though they love Woke Ideology, it doesn’t make money so they’ll happy abandon any dogma or ideology if it means they can make shekels. So I’m happy they’re abandoning their ideology in favor of going back to old ways. Leave creatives alone and let them make stories they and the fans will love and you in-turn will make your shekels (((Disney))). 😂👌


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