What does the leak of Ukraine war documents tell us? – BBC News


The US Justice Department has opened an investigation into the leaking of dozens of classified American Defence Department documents on social media.

It is the biggest leak of secret American information on the war in Ukraine since Russia’s full-scale invasion 14 months ago.

The maps, charts and photographs – some of them marked “top secret” – paint a detailed picture of the war in Ukraine.

The documents also reveal of details of Washington’s other allies, from Israel to South Korea, including internal debates those countries are having about Ukraine and other sensitive issues.

Pentagon officials are quoted as saying the documents are real.

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  1. Regarding documents of spying on secretary-general Antonio Guterres, not surprised at all. I've been wondering why all along he's been so soft on Putin. So in that regard, USA had every right to glean information off him.
    If you've got nothing to hide, then you shouldn't mind being spied on.

  2. The leaks confirm the media and whitehouse are full of crap.. Ukraine is losing the hell out of this war like I thought. !! Meanwhile all the pundits saying Ukraine is winning the war and the truth is Ukraine is losing 7 soldiers to 1 Russian!!

  3. ข้าพเจ้าขอ ให้ปูตินเจรจา สงบสงครามในพม่า เพื่อความสงบ พวกเค้า ต้องการความช่วยเหลือ แต่พวกเค้าไม่ได้พูด เพราะพวกเค้า เกรงใจข้าพเจ้า

  4. Highlights of Russian Military Operation in Ukraine on April 14 2023.

    ▪Russian troops launched missile strikes on the AFU rear positions in Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, and Kostayntynivka. The Ukrainian command deliberately deploys military objects within the city limits, using civilians as a "human shield."

    ▪Heavy positional battles continue on the Bilohorivka-Spyrne line. TheAFU have deployed additional reserves to the combat zone, which allowed them to stabilize the front line.

    ▪The storming of Bakhmut is coming to a climax: the AFU are suffering heavy losses and losing positions in the western part of the city. The redeploying of reserves is blocked by the fire of Russian artillery acting on the flanks.

    ▪In the northern quarters, the Wagner PMC assault groups established full control over the area near the Rose Alley. In the center, the AFU are trying to hold the railway station, where heavy fighting has been going on for several days.

    ▪Active fighting is taking place along Korsunskiy Street in the southern part of the city. The AFU are building defenses, relying on high-rise buildings that are used as strongpoints

    ▪Russian troops continue to expand the zone of control west of Novobakhmutivka on the Avdiivka sector. As a result of successful combat operations, several enemy defensive positions near the road to Kostyantynivka have been destroyed.

    ▪Ukrainian forces continue to inflict artillery strikes on the civilian infrastructure of the Donetsk People's Republic. In Horlivka, Kindergarten No. 15, residential buildings, and a heat pipeline were damaged, and part of the city was left without electricity.

  5. 😂😂 hey guy isn't fake news in America illegal !! Can the American news MEDIA tell lies to the American citizens !!!????? Well this why we must elect Mr TRUMP in 2024

  6. Even more scary,disterbing,eye opening (or should be) Discord, is either fully or partaliy owned by TenCent and was part owned by Microsoft (may still be in partnership with). This opens the door to the fact these docs ran through servers that China may have access to. What else is being share in "private" (refer back to imagine the lack of real private in a privet digital room) not as a social statement or to out the wrong doings for the right reason, but to prove you know,,,sigh

  7. Most classified documents are garbage and not accurate,written by people in SCIFS who are detached from reality by some bureaucrats who never leave their offices. Things are usually classified because they want to avoid public scrutiny. The DOD knows this, and most work has to be done on an unclassified level to avoid the Security Bureaucrats and the red tape that ruins every classified program. If you ever worked on classified programs you would find that something top secret to the Bureaucrats in the Government is unclassified to the military contractors who actually do the work. So it’s only highly classified to government personnel while the contractors have their own rules. Foolish system, I would advise all young people to avoid taking jobs that require security clearances because you will eventually be scapegoated by the idiots in Government Security. Everyone who works with classified information hates the Security employees because they have no technical credentials and they are out to write security violations. So what happens as result, the Scientists and Engineers just sit there to avoid security violations from the idiots who read their emails and listen to their phone calls and no real substantial work is ever realized. Great system!


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