Home News Video ABC News Prime: Louisville mass shooting; WA Gov. on abortion pill battle; Mental health in Congress

ABC News Prime: Louisville mass shooting; WA Gov. on abortion pill battle; Mental health in Congress

ABC News Prime: Louisville mass shooting; WA Gov. on abortion pill battle; Mental health in Congress

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  1. I salute the congress reps for telling their stories. Getting help is prime. You help yourself, your family and your country when you are on an even keel. It's when you refuse to get help then everything falls apart. Thank you for being resilient to get help to not just survive, but to thrive.

  2. This foreigner has the balls to reprimand a native of this country who's ancestors built this country free of charge.. slavery..free labor is how this wicked country has been built…pay the descendents of slavery REPARATIONS NOW!.. THE NERVE!!!…😡😡😡😡

  3. Until they figure out some sort of gun control that can reduce these mass shootings to a preferable ZERO, I do NOT want to hear not one more thing about A.I. or anything related to it. Those Tennessee Lawmakers have done MORE to try and get something ACTUALLY DONE than anyone else. I don't care if A.I. can mimic someone's voice, STOP DEFLECTING and fix this issue!

  4. Motive under investigation? This is the age of grudge and revenge. Everyone from a 6 year elementary school kid to a former president feels totally justified in exacting pain and violence on those they hold responsible for their personal angst and hurt. If that's mental illness then we are outnumbered. The loaded gun(s) permitted within easy reach is their pain medicine. Right now some personally aggrieved person(s) is vicariously relishing this shooter's vengeance. Whether it's personal, political, religious, racial motivation, road rage whatever someone is getting ready to take their pain medication.

  5. Criminal system is the biggest problem. They don’t keep criminals in jail. They school system is broken they don’t teach moral, respect. The kids doesn’t
    Have guidance, religion, rules. Things will get worse and worse

  6. I wish republikkkans would stop blaming all of these weapons of mass destructions murders on mental illness. The only ones with Mental Illness is the republikkkans (GOP) Guns Over People organization. I have come to believe that they GOP love hearing kids getting mowed down by weapons of mass destruction.A BUNCH OF SICKOS!!!!!

  7. Come on people you know who's releasing all of this stuff…. Don't be stupid put two and two together It's his remember it's all his it all belongs to him… Just put two and two together You know who it is.

  8. ❤❤❤ thank you, each and every one of you for sharing your stories, experiences, strength and hopes to help and inspire the one's before you and after you because it really does take a village. no man or woman is an island by ourselves in how we heal, overcomer and shine the spotlight on mental health, trauma and go from victim's to Survivor's and overcomers to battle any and all life's challenges and hurt and suffering WHEATHER in private or publicly so no one has to suffer in silence or be shamed for asking for help, by sharing our lives and empower those in need of assistance🎉❤ thank you guys for your bravery, heart, strength and hopes to help us heal and come forth one person, one family at a time ❤ 🙏 as Survivor's we have a responsibility to teach and reach the next one's to the best of our abilities.

  9. You want to know how loose the guns laws are in the United States?!?! I lived in Arizona for 22 years, owned a very respectful and successful business for twenty of those years, I've lived here illegally,, in those years I've owned over 40 firearms,, AR-15 AK-47s kKS,9mm, even 22s, you name it I owned,, so my purchase new from gun stores, even purchased guns from Facebook marketplace and garage sales,, I purchase these firearms with no questions asked, I had more difficulty buying alcohol, at the time I was so gullible I did not even know I was breaking the law by purchasing these weapons, holy illegal for me to own to possess or even hold but here I had an arsenal of them in my home and that one piece of paperwork of ownership. I purchased them because they were so easily to purchase and so cheap to purchase at the time it was like a hobby novelty to me,, but yes I own them and I assessed them very easily, without even having to show a driver's license, living back to my native country of Canada, I think back now on how absurd it was, Buying, selling, trading, firearms in the US are similar to trading Pokemon cards in the US, the u.s.a. especially in the Southwest states like Arizona need to make big changes, too many innocent children are dying to this soft gun legislation, if I an illegal immigrant can acquire so many firearms of high-caliber 2.23 5.56 etc even "50 calibre barrett" so easily and being undocumented doin so imagine how easily it is for the everyday American citizen to acquire one of these assault-style rifles, both sides need to come together and make some big changes regarding gun reform,, and just for the record I was never charged with a gun offense even though I was an undocumented immigrant the good old United States of America for over 22 years,,, America is falling apart it's losing and you the people are allowing it to happen,, God bless the United States it will always be my second home,, but there needs to be gun reform "NOW" you are losing too many of your INNOCENT CITIZENS ESPECIALLY YOUR PRECIOUS CHILDREN,, the world is watching folks, make change now!! Protest do whatever you have to do,, stop worrying about what's going on in the rest of the, world and start worrying about your own citizens, especially our precious innocent children,, that's my rant for the day 💙❤️💙❤️

  10. And please stop this b***** "the only thing that's stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun" stop with this b***** nonsense!! Wake the f**** America you're losing your precious children almost daily

  11. Killing your offspring because you can’t afford to take care of it, or the man isn’t on board is insane to me. Your first instinct should be trying to become financially stable before the baby arrives, not kill your baby. Majority of abortions are not rape and are elective. So let’s address that first before jumping to rape.


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