Home News Video EXACTLY How Much Bloggers are Earning in 2023: More Than Ever

EXACTLY How Much Bloggers are Earning in 2023: More Than Ever

EXACTLY How Much Bloggers are Earning in 2023: More Than Ever

I get so excited about running this survey every year and this time was more surprising than ever. If you see these numbers and you’re making a similar amount then stick with it! But if you’re putting in the work and still not seeing results then watch this video to figure out what’s going on and exactly how to fix it: https://youtu.be/b6xB_KbMhQ8

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  1. Google changed their stance several times regarding automatically generated content, what is what AI is. In 2017, in 2019, in September 2022 they were against and in February 2023 they were OK if it has quality and this and that. They might review again their policy in six months or next year or in 2027. I prefer the human content that I know it has been ranking well. AI is also not "original research", it takes existing content. It will not know more about the latest product than the guy who actually tested it, for example.

  2. Also consider inflation in the US so any comparison should be adjusted. Also we have to consider the purchasing power of the bloggers with that extra they earn this year exposed to inflation. Anyway, it is clear that blogging is yielding more money every year.

  3. I agree there’s not a high risk to start blogging but to be successful you need semrush, ahrefs maybe an AI generator to help you out and those cost a lot.

  4. I just started blogging about a month ago. By following your videos I have managed to get Ezoic setup and affiliate links going. Of course I am in the ghost town currently but I am starting to get a few keywords ranking organically. I've been trying to get as much high quality content out there as possible. In the future I'd like to join Project 24.

  5. Thank you Ricky. Great video. Your energy and optimism is truly appreciated and extremely motivational which is highly needed these days with all FUD on many levels on a global scale. I"m a student at your school and loved the video. Do you think that with the explosion of AI generated content and people cranking out so much (30 blogpost in a day) would the speed of cranknig out content have to change to get to that 100-500 posts? I hpoe the question makes sense.

  6. Hi Ricky!
    I would love to know if you would suggest someone to start a blog website on a topic that doesn't have much demand right now, but it is highly likely to grow in the coming years. I say "much demand" based on available keywords and search traffic. But Google Trends as well as market analysis tell me that related search queries are growing gradually.
    What would you do in this case?

    p.s.: the target audience is social media influencers and travel buffs.

  7. Great video! Amazing research and info, as always. Thanks, Ricky. I'm basically the average blogger then, haha. I'm making about that money per month with 65,000 p/m. I love this business.

  8. I forgot to participate in that survey. Woops. I'm still a bit under impressed with my results, but it's going better all the time. Still need to dial in the search analysis and build my credibly. I'm getting about $15/ 1,000 views with just basic adds.

  9. I see a few other comments that match my feelings. I was going along well for the first few years then i got destroyed. 1.5 years ago I lost all my snippets and traffic slowly rolled down hill to almost nothing today. So disheartening!

  10. Hi. Thanks for your videos. The information you give is incredible. You inspire me to start my own blog. My worry is would I be able to compete. I am considering a SketchUp blog offering help and advice. Do you think it's a good idea or too competitive? Thanks again!

  11. Hi, great video, I have one question, is it possible to make money as a blogger when English is not my first language? I’ve worked in the language industry for the last few years, translating English texts into my native language (I am from a central European country). I’ve also done translations in the other direction (into English) occasionally (although this is discouraged as one should focus on translating primarily into his/her first language). I’ve studied English for the last 20 years, and they say I am proficient in English (C2 level of proficiency), but even so I don’t feel like being able to express myself as aptly and naturally as in my mother tongue. Provided I send the texts to an English-native editor prior to publishing, do you think it’s a good idea for an ESL (English as a Second Language) speaker to give it a shot? I know I could target the domestic audience of my country, but from what I’ve heard the earnings would be much lower, so I’d like to target Americans if at all possible.

  12. I will forever be indebted to you you've changed my whole life contiune to preach about your name for the world to hear you've saved me from a huge financial debt with just little investment thanks so much Mrs Pamela Willett


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