Home News Video Ukraine war: The deadly landmines killing hundreds – BBC News

Ukraine war: The deadly landmines killing hundreds – BBC News

Ukraine war: The deadly landmines killing hundreds – BBC News

In Ukraine an area of land that represents 174,000 square kilometres – around the size of England, Wales and Northern Ireland combined – has been contaminated by landmines.

Both Russia and Ukraine have been using these explosive devices – which can be triggered by tripwires or booby traps – during the war.

The devices are mostly concentrated in the Kharkiv region of the country and officials have said it will take decades to clear them all. 

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  1. The anglosaxon propaganda channel bbc keeps quiet about the physical attacks and brutality on orthodox churches in naziukraine. Why? Are you afraid that the world will see the nazi nature of the regime that the terrorist state of the not-so-great brutishland created? 🇬🇧 🖕

  2. Ukrainians have committed loads of war crimes and have planted illegal mines on mass so blame the Ukrainian army and politicians,they also bomb civilians every day in donbas which is now Russian,stop support for Ukraine and its leaders now,stop this madness against Russia because they are unbeatable and we need to trade eith them for a better uk

  3. The Human Rights Watch have reported Ukraine is laying them in the east of the country which are killing and wounding civilians in Russian back areas. The mines that are being laid are a plastic shelled American mine with NATO fuses Ukraine also uses the russian butterfly AP mine

  4. Country who are involved in war should be responsible not just Russia and Ukraine but all who are provoking this war especially so call NATO leading by USA warmonger . Sorry to say .😜 Victims are all those who are living in that place .

  5. The UK involvement in this disgusting war is a disgrace. Who's profiting from it I wonder?
    Not me that's for sure!
    My taxes are being used to keep the war going but I'm having to pay 4 x for fuel and food… WTF?

  6. If the west depletes its stockpile of armaments to such an extent that it cant defend itself, who may benefit; who may gain an advantage bearing in mind the number of recent international summits pledging strategic partnerships?

  7. How many innocent civilians will be victims of these mines? The worst part about them is that years can go by and they are still there, armed and ready to detonate. Hell, they still come across live explosives from WW2.

  8. Uhm, what the hell is You hallucinating about?
    The ukrianian nazis are killing innocent people EVERY DAY FOR THE LAST 9 YEARS!!!
    Including the illegal mines they spread all over Donbass


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