Home News Video Hallie Jackson NOW – April 11 | NBC News NOW

Hallie Jackson NOW – April 11 | NBC News NOW

Hallie Jackson NOW – April 11 | NBC News NOW

Police release body camera video in response to the Louisville bank shooting, President Biden marks 25 years since the Good Friday Agreement with his visit to Northern Ireland, the British government is trying to combat smoking effects by swapping cigarettes for vapes, and a look at how some can file federal taxes for free.

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  1. Police and politicians should be sick of this happening. Especially POLICE, it can be anyone loves ones in this as we all know that!! Why aren’t they stopping these weapons from getting out there and in the hands of people who don’t need them? This is too much!! This NEEDS TO STOP NOW!!!

  2. I'm an original Briton in the now dictatorship-run UK, Smoking, like it or not is up to the person individually if they want to or not, like your birth control pill for instance. or your gun–laws? But forcing people to stop, it's the ever-growing tip of an iceberg, what then is next they will stop another group from doing? Who's next on their hit–list? (Nineteen Eighty–four) Think about it? A lot die from smoking. A lot die from traffic collisions. A heck of a lot dies from gunshot wounds or stabbings. Yet they still try to make smoking a cigarette sound worse, So hypocritical. Tobacco taxes made all of those in charge rich. Vap's things cost as much, replacing one addiction with another, but still making them lots and lots of money. In ten yrs they will tell you, you shouldn't have used Vap's. Soon we'll be breathing in nuclear fallout probably anyway the way it's all going. (sarcastic humour)

  3. Funny, how the republicans want to defund police, for trump.. but won’t stop guns like the AR15 from getting into these type of peoples hands, imagine if trump had this weapon for his prosecution being done to him right now? What would he do with it? Yet, republicans won’t stop anyone from having this type of right. Fear, power, and control is what republicans want. Keep that in mind, NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW!!

  4. The republicans In Kentucky won’t stop situations like this from happening, by getting rid of the AR15! Its a shame how so many guns were produce, to the point where republicans just gives up on doing anything to stop this, or even try to stop these situations from happening. Why doesn’t America, see the wrong in given a right to bare arms? If they hate to lose their lives and their loves ones lives or any lives, even a fetus lives…, why not take this right away and save peoples or every human lives???

  5. So in Kentucky, freedom of getting guns is definitely ok with them.. until this happens. Yet, if its anyone of them of their loves shot in this type of situation, what will they do? Buy more guns? Is that the whole game here? More fear, more guns? Whose making money off this? Its getting out of hand and what is being done about it? NOTHING!!
    More prayers, and more guns.

  6. why does Alvin Bragg have to sue to get our congressmen off his back, why isn't our government protecting Alvin Bragg while he is working? My God stop these bullies from taking over our Government. Fascisms needs to be stopped right now!!!!


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