HUGE NEWS For Blizzard’s NEW Survival MMO


We’ve got a bunch of new information about Blizzard’s upcoming survival MMO. Beyond the basic survival mechanics of gathering, crafting, and building, the game will have many Open World MMO features. Dungeons, Raids, PvP, Events, Points of Interest, and much much more.


  1. Its going to be MMO? 😑
    You know what that means, right?
    They're going to monetize the living crap out of it:
    "Hey there player, wanna buy this Primalist Survival Package? It has +499% value! We also sell cosmetics!" -Blizzard Entertainment, FU give me money™

    ps. Blizzard's motto: "Gameplay first"
    Yeah right…do you guys ACTUALLY believe that. 🤣
    I mean, when Diablo 4 was first announced and people asked questions about it, the only concrete thing that they were able answer was about the monetization.
    Diablo 4 might turn out to be a really good game, but gameplay first my ass…

  2. Man this is the last time i jump the Hype train brother iam stepping up when the train hits Belgium! If there is someone that can make our dream come true once and for all then this is it… Plz dont screw this up Blizzard regain some of your reputation. Greetings from Costa Belgica :p

  3. i hope blizz makes a starcraft mmo… so much lore and content that can be made into a wow type mmo would be filled with endless possibilities and a 3 way pvp system would be awesome

  4. prior to this i havent heard of it, as a lover of survival games and a lover for mmos back in the day when they were peak… im so hyped for this, ive been wanting this but nobodys really done it, at least not well yet, i really hope they make it good because if its even half of the concept i created in my head this could shake up gaming imo, theres been a stagnation in gaming for a bit but this year it feels like its starting to get less stagnant and things are happening again so im hyped for this, thanks for the video informing me of it

  5. Blizzard has the IP of Starcraft and haven't done a World of Starcraft type game yet. I have a 300 page novel with Starcraft when I bought it with so much lore and amazing art back in 1999. It saddens me that they arent doing anything with this IP that most old school gamers have played and loved.

  6. Looking forward to this, but was looking forward to Blizz's last original IP–Project Titan. They even started scaling up the project team. Whatever happened to that? (rhetorical question) Don't want to be a wet blanket, because I am hyped. Love survival type games, and Blizz always raises the bar on game types when they enter the space… when (if) they ship. And that's my dread–it might not ship.

  7. Bliz where much further along with their MMO codename: Titan before shelving it and using the assets to make overwatch. Something I'm still sore about. So while I appreciate your enthusiasm, if they couldn't make a superhero mmo fun, I'm not sure they can pull off a survival mmo lite. I reckon 50-50 they pull out and reuse the assets for some kind of live service roguelite

  8. If they really can pull this off right it will be awesome. If they're smart they'll keep it hardcore like rust but implement a verrryyyyyy intricate criminal system. And make the survival aspects more than hunger and thirst

  9. This hype is before you understand that you will have to buy allot of gems, that can be converted into crystals, that can be converted into molten nuggets, that you can use to buy the pick axe that you need….. Yeah…

  10. This may be a shot in the dark here, but I'm a lifelong blizzard fan, I've played essentially all of their games for countless hours. I'm sure many of us here can say that blizzard was our favorite game development studio for quite some time back in the day. As games have evolved over the years, I've found my wife and I are deeply attached to survival games. My biggest hope here, is that blizzard has sat in the background, observing ark, observing rust, observing valheim and allllll of the most popular and successful survival games, and has found a way to creatively blend all of them in a fashion that can give players from each of these games, something to do and enjoy here. The world could always use better survival games, and from this studio it has the potential to exceed everyone's expectations. I'm super excited, super hopeful, and I'm willing to bet if done right, Blizzard could give us yet another game to enjoy for countless years.

  11. Super interested to see how this plays out. One of my most anticipated games right now is the Nightingale, and 'Odyssey' is in a close second. I love a good survival game. My biggest caveat though is that I'm way more interested in PvE, and won't even play on PVP servers. Hopefully both games cater to that.


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