Home News Video RUSSIAN Gas Disaster as $75 Billion Revenue Evaporates & Europe Successfully Avoids Winter Shortage

RUSSIAN Gas Disaster as $75 Billion Revenue Evaporates & Europe Successfully Avoids Winter Shortage

RUSSIAN Gas Disaster as $75 Billion Revenue Evaporates & Europe Successfully Avoids Winter Shortage

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RUSSIAN Revenue from Natural Gas has EVAPORATED due to the Economic Sanctions. Europe has successfully AVOIDED Shortages by using STORAGE, buying LNG from USA, Qatar and Nigeria and sourcing pipeline gas from Norway & Algeria. Russia is struggling to be able to replace the lost revenue as they do not have the Infrastructure to convert Natural Gas to LNG and it will take DECADES to negotiate and build new pipelines. In this video I look at the current situation for Russia & Europe and ask whether there is a risk that Europe could face Shortages in Winter 2023.

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  1. What a load of tosh!.. According to Reuters, Russia is exporting record amounts of both gas and oil. It's now entering the West via India and China, sold on at exorbitant rates of course. Russian exports to both countries have exceeded all previous records. Both countries paying well above the $60 a barrel price cap imposed by the US, and the EU. Even the Japanese have announced that they intend to start buying Russian oil. Give it a rest, maybe stand up comedy is more your line, we haven't had a decent Scouse comedian for years!

  2. Russia is negotiating new contracts with East as new pipelines start up!.EU has to buy has to gas and Germany industry use huge amount of gas ,industries are closing down transfering production abroad !.Putin can laugh at USA and EU who are struggling to survive and China and Russia are still adding the their gold bullion stocks !.Putin has options EU and USA cannot use as they are not part of BRICS /East !.

  3. Wait a minute the usa under president biden blew up the nord strom pipeline and hunter biden is on the board of directots of the ukrainian gas providers. How does that work in bidens favor?

  4. I see Russia is now selling oil for more than the $60 western "price cap". That may be because Russia has ignored the western price cap and pegged it`s oil to the price of a gram of gold which was trading around $60 when the so called price cap began but is now up around $64, reflecting the weakening US dollar. I expect that trend to continue.

  5. Russias biggest miscalculation was Europes persistence in energy dependence on Russia, partly thanks to a milder winter than Russia had hoped for. In fact, Putin should be given the Nobel prize for the environment. Europe and the rest of the world are investing more and more in green energy than ever before. After the war, Russia wakes up to the reality where the demand for its biggest export product has collapsed, just like the Russian economy.

  6. Too generalized. Spain and Portugal are detached from the European gas pipelines, and instead are connected directly to Argelian pipelines. France can probably just coast it in nuclear power.

  7. Moscow found willing buyers in India and China to replace its European customers. In fact, India replaced China as the main destination of Russian oil in Asia in March.


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