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  1. Another edgelord DC adaptation that will most likely me TVMA, effectively gatekeeping kids from it. You know, the primary target audience these characters are actually made for. R-rated (or TVMA in this case) superhero movies are stupid. The way adult men throw tantrums over wanting their DC superheroes to be for them and only them is the reason we got garbage like Joker. Your character studies are boring, DC.

  2. I used to work in a hotel in Ireland and Colin Farrell was filming a movie locally. Stayed with us for 4 weeks during filming at a specific location. Honestly…. The man was just one of the lads. You’d see him out the back with the chef’s smoking and just chatting nonsense like everyone else. He got an americano every morning and always, always made sure to make some witty remark. Never arrogant, never grumpy. Just a proper fella…. Strange when you spend that time with him. Totally humanises big celebrities, well if they are a decent human i suppose… ooo and when he left he organised it that a few of the people he was most friendly with. (The chef’s) all got to go the the premier… that was like 15 months after he had actually stayed with us and when the guys came back they told us he was drinking with them at their table most of the night. ☘️💪 Superstar

  3. Great character…. NOT the Penguin though. If this wasn't based on Batman and the penguin and just a mobster show.. I bet it would be fantastic. But I can already tell by this trailer that This Batman franchise is going to be terrible. This is only The Penguin in name alone and a complete disrespect of the characters lore in Canon..lame.

  4. Wait….that is Colin Farrell?!!! What the fuck is the wokademy doing handing out awards to a foreign politician's wife when there is a makeup artist who can pull this off waiting for recognition in Hollywood?

  5. Going to be an interesting spinoff of the penguin own tv show looking forward to watching this tv show in 2024 the batman villian own spinoff tv show the penguin Colin Farrell played a great penguin in the batman 2022 film doing a stand alone tv show would be interesting to watch on HBO next year Colin Farrell suits the penguin voice even playing the penguin in a fat suit is interesting in he's own tv show spinoff the penguin

  6. I think we’re actually properly lucky to witness Colin Farrell flourishing again. He’s incredible. Really one for the ages. There were definitely times in his career when I wasn’t sure he was going to be a mainstay, but now I just can’t wait to see what he does next; probably more than anyone else in acting

  7. finally watched the batman about a month ago and thought the penguin was a good penguin now i'm realizing the penguin has been colin farrell this whole time!! so cool cant wait to see it

  8. you've have got to take a step back and understand what Gotham is. This looks so stupid. Start with Riddler, then slowly introduce characters. Joke is good. You;re wasting a talent in current Batman role. Think more of Keaton Batman and mix with James Bond again. Keep it simple


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