2 new features in Instagram, the work of creators and brands will be easier, how?

2 new features in Instagram, the work of creators and brands will be easier, how?

Instagram Brings 2 New Features: Instant messaging app Instagram is used worldwide. Today people are earning money by making reels on this app. Yes, Famous creators make reels on this app and in exchange for these reels, brands approach them and then creators earn money. Instagram launched the Creator Market Place last year. It is just like Tiktok in which brands and creators can connect with each other and easily sell their products through brand creators. The creator gets money in exchange for the promotion of the product. Meanwhile, Instagram has added two new features to the Creator Market Place, which will make things easier for both brands and creators.

These are the new features

At present, the Instagram Market Place feature has not been made live in India. Only limited brands can access it. Under the new feature, brands will easily be able to send messages (priority inbox) to famous creators. Most of the creators these days prefer to interact through DMs. That’s why the company has added this new feature to Instagram Market Plus. Apart from this, brands will also be able to send project briefs to the creators under the new update. Will send work-related things in the product brief to brand creators so that they can easily answer yes or no. Currently, Instagram is testing new updates with some creators and brands, which will be rolled out in the coming times.

Let us tell you, famous brands enroll themselves in the Instagram market place and similarly creators also have to create their portfolio (creator has to give information related to his profile / his resume in a way). After this, inside the market place, the brand sees the portfolio of the famous creator according to its audience, likes, reach etc. and then accordingly the brand approaches that creator. Brands can select creators based on their demographic profile within the marketplace. Instagram introduced this feature last year so that third parties can be removed from the middle and brands and creators can easily connect with each other on the platform.

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If you think how people who make reels on Instagram earn money then this is the way through which they earn money.

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