Home News Video $300 Million of SuperYachts Disowned by Billionaire | SY News Ep204

$300 Million of SuperYachts Disowned by Billionaire | SY News Ep204

$300 Million of SuperYachts Disowned by Billionaire | SY News Ep204

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00:00 Jeff Bezos’ Yacht Koru heading to Gibraltar
03:31 Alfa Nero odd reply from government of Antigua
08:07 Owner of Lana identified
09:28 Lawyer for Alfa Nero owner and Luminosity Andrey Geryev Speaks
11:51 World Superyacht Awards
13:28 New YouTUbe Channel!
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  1. This is complete lies. Bezo is notoriously cheap. A sailing yacht needs a crew which he would have to pay. Billionaires don't care about the environment. They care about money. And that's all. Stop the propaganda already. We know better than you give us credit for. Smh

  2. Non extradious Country 🤔

    Love these rich folk who love to give themselves awards, pats on the back for helping the environment meanwhile..having a gas guzzling support vehicle to support their toys….and justify their non-essential luxury travels….all at the same time quick to wag their fingers at a family of five that happen to own a petrol SUV 🤔..moreover, the pandering leftists who think they will somehow gain brownie points for nodding their heads in agreement, angrily wagging their fingers at thy neighbours for their petrol car and SUV’s as of Bozo’s will somehow touch his finger upon their foreheads making them millionaires or maybe invite them on his sail boat one day 😂

  3. lol. even under sail, that yacht is going to burn a lot of fuel with the generators. The sailing aspect of that vessel is for pleasure, not some kind of economy or environmental purpose.

  4. Oh my God I almost spit out my coffee "nothing to see here" all the super Yachts are there I guess it's the most convenient place to hold it in Turkey was the comment of the month. question, Is turkey aligned with the West or Russia? And why are all the super yachts in Turkey isn't turkey part of NATO?👍😎🇨🇦

  5. Sit down for a couple of short, chopped up videos and 148 hours later I’ve been fired and my wife left me. Even though I have nothing to do with Yachts in the real world it will still be totally worth it. 🎉

  6. WTF is this shit? as much i hate Putin, how does being on US government's sanction's list give any country the right to rob private property just like that? This will not go down well in history. This is exactly what the communists and Nazis did.


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