Abhishek Banerjee Is Common Link Between The Horror Universe- ‘Stree 2,’ ‘Bhediya 2’

Abhishek Banerjee Is Common Link Between The Horror Universe- ‘Stree 2,’ ‘Bhediya 2’

New Delhi: There is no stopping for the supremely talented actor Abhishek Banerjee who is currently on a roll having back-to-back film announcements, as after ‘Section 84’, now Stree 2 and Bhediya 2 have also been announced. Be it Jaana, Compounder, Hathoda Tyagi, or Jaffa, Abhishek Banerjee has always owned his character having booked his distinct place in the hearts of the audience.

One of his numerous characters, Abhishek as Jaana from Stree has been immensely loved by the audience that the actor reprized in Bhediya. This has indeed made him the only common link between these films which are slated to become a horror universe with the sequels.

Abhishek as Jaana has made his character travel from Stree to Bhediya and must say, it’s very rare to witness that one character is being cross-breed to link two films and now it will be the only evident link for the coming two sequels.

Now, as Stree 2 and Bhediya 2 have been announced as a part of the horror universe, the audience would surely wait to see another shade of Abhishek as Jaana. It was exciting to see Jaana’s character arc from Stree to Bhediya, now the fans are amused by how the character will continue to give the dose of comedy in the consecutive sequels to both Stree and Bhediya.

This is indeed an example of how much Abhishek has been loved as Jaana. Be it the audience or the critics the actor received great reviews from all across.

Meanwhile, as Stree 2 and Bhediya 2 have now announced, Abhishek will be next seen in Dream Girl 2, Apurva, and especially Section 84 which is indeed a dream come true as the actor gets the opportunity to work with the legendary Amitabh Bachchan which was recently announced, and many others.


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