An Alma College junior has been awarded a scholarship by Big Rapids’ Artworks.

An Alma College junior has been awarded a scholarship by Big Rapids’ Artworks.

BIG RAPIDS — Artworks has announced that Vincent Johnson is the artist in residence for 2023.

The artist in residence program is an eight-week summer on-site immersion program where students can learn about the economics of retail art, gallery stewardship, community arts education, and outreach. This opportunity is being given to a student by Artworks for the second consecutive year.

Johnson, a native of Big Rapids, is a junior at Alma College finishing his Bachelor of Arts degree.

“My favorite medium to work with is charcoal, but I’m a big fan of oil paints and pastels as well. The themes I explore often revolve around identity and introspection,” Johnson said.

Johnson will benefit from studio space, a stipend, mentorship from other artists, on-site tools and a solo exhibition in the Alley Gallery from August to November.

“The artist-in-residence scholarship is a rare opportunity for young artists to learn about the business side of making a living as an artist,” said Roxanne Cullen.

Cullen, Artworks’ current Patron of the Arts, is a former board member, serves as a volunteer curator and manages the program for artists in residence.

“The artist-in-residence program is a first-hand learning experience about art retail, gallery exhibitions, art education, how nonprofits function and much more all while having weeks to create their own work and socialize with an organization of people who love the arts,” Cullen said.

To learn more about the artist-in-residence program, contact Artworks’ executive director, Ric Underhile at


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