Call for proposals: 2023 Traveling Korean Arts residency program

Call for proposals: 2023 Traveling Korean Arts residency program

KOFICE is an institution in charge of international cultural exchange designated by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. In order to encourage cultural exchange transcending national boundaries, KOFICE works towards the following activities: bilateral cultural exchanges events, global networking, research and studies, and professional training programs for experts in related fields.

KOFICE’s TKA has a pool, or roster, of performances and exhibitions representing Korean arts, ready to collaborate with overseas cultural and art-related organizations to provide bespoke cultural programs that cater to local demand.

Apart from the annual call for Korean cultural centre’s project proposals, TKA starts a separate open call for TKA 2023 projects or overseas cultural organizations.

Before applying, applicants should contact the team they wish to collaborate with for performances or exhibitions from the TKA’s program pool and submit the application form along with required documents.

NB: Applicants should refer to the application guide here or here for additional information about the program.

How to apply

Applicants must read and fill in the attached document and send it via email at t-arts@korce.or.Kr before 20 April,


Applicants must satisfy both conditions one and two outlined in the application guidelines and must not belong to any of the “ineligible cases” as specified in the guidelines.

Overseas cultural organizations planning to pursue the TKA:

  • Overseas cultural organizations who are interested in inviting performances or exhibitions from the TKA program pool.
  • Organizations capable of implementing at least one (1) performance or a 10-day exhibition in December 2023.
  • Organizations with necessary personnel, facilities, and budget to carry out performances or exhibitions.

Organizations without prior or panned participation in the TKA:

  • Organizations previously selected through the Korean Cultural Center’s project proposal are not eligible for duplicate applications.

Ineligible cases

  • If the proposed project is bazaar- or fundraising-like in nature.
  • If the proposed project is granted or operated by/at a Korean diplomatic office.
  • If the proposed project has received the same or similar support(s) from Korean (local) governments, or any Korean public organization as from the TKA (except for the case in which the proposed project receives different support).

Support to be provided when selected

Airfare and accommodation for the invited team of the selected projects, transportation costs for performance exhibition materials, etc. The amount of support may vary depending on the size of the proposed project.

“We encourage the participation of overseas cultural organizations interested in establishing a foundation cultural exchange with Korea,” a statement reads.

View the original call here,


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