China is not even allowing Muslims to fast, using spies to catch them

China is not even allowing Muslims to fast, using spies to catch them

Chinese Uyghur Muslims: There are very strict rules regarding Uyghur Muslims in China. They are prohibited from performing their religious things. Meanwhile, Uyghur Muslims are being prevented from fasting in the month of Ramdan. For this, the Chinese police is using spies.

Radio Free Asia, based in China’s eastern Xinjiang, citing a police officer, said that China is using spies. Chinese officials call such people as ears. Talking to Radio Free Asia, the police officer said that we have many secret agents.

started banning fasting

In China, Uygar tries to reduce the culture, language and religion of Muslims. In this sequence, from the year 2017, China started banning Muslims in Xinjiang from fasting during Ramadan. At that time, the authorities started arbitrarily locking the Uighurs in the camp.

The ban announced by the Chinese authorities was partially relaxed in 2021 and 2022. During this time people above 65 years of age were allowed to fast and the police also reduced the number of house searches and street patrolling activities.

two or three spies in every village

Radio Free Asia cited a political officer at the Turpan City Police Station as saying that this year the Chinese government has banned fasting regardless of age, gender or profession.

During the first week of Ramadan, Chinese authorities summoned 56 Uyghur residents and former prisoners for questioning about their activities and said 54 of them violated the law of fasting. Turpan’s police stations have appointed two or three detectives from each village, who keep tabs on those detained for fasting during Ramzan and those released from jail.

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