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Diablo IV | Sorcerer Trailer

Diablo IV | Sorcerer Trailer

Burn, shock, and freeze your foes.

Control elemental forces as the Sorcerer in #DiabloIV.

Available June 6th, 2023.

Pre-purchase and get up to 4 days Early Launch Access: https://diablo4.com


  1. Never tried sorc in beta. Was too invested in necro. Definitely going to be making a sorc. Should also say I’ve never played Diablo or a rpg game bedore. They wanted a new crowd along with the die hard fans. They got it.

  2. Я очень часто ругал Path of Exile за однотипность и нехватку новых идей, я был не прав и забираю слова обратно а так же извиняюсь перед Крисом. Вот где поле без идейности и пустоты, вместо выпуска шедевра выходит вот это за которое еще требуют денег, да вы наверное шутите. Игра целиком сырая хотя ее разрабатывали 7 лет, 7 лет что вы в ней делали? Это все отвратительно и обидно за некогда шедевр, Метелица ты уже не торт.

  3. Please nerf the sorcerer guys. It was the most boring class to play in the beta with the Necro because everything is braindead easy for them. You don't even have to think about your build, everything work and bosses melt before you.

  4. The development team is doing exactly what I feared would happen and nerfing things based on morons with an incomplete picture of how powerful each character actually is. People screaming about Barbarians being underpowered are just plain wrong. The most powerful broken build I saw in both betas was a Barb build. I never saw any other build even come close to the 300k+ damage it was putting out. Yet shocker the devs capitulated to the incessant ramblings of every wannabe influencer. As has happened with so many games recently, I have no doubt the development team will keep ruining this game by listening to the pro/youtuber community. My hype for this game has officially dropped to zero, and I've stopped my preorder. Congratulations to Blizzard. You played yourself 💩🍆💩🍆💩🍆💩🍆


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