DMZ: New Barter System & All Recipes Explained

DMZ: New Barter System & All Recipes Explained

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With the start of Season 3 of Modern Warfare 2 the DMZ also gets several innovations like the Barter System, which allows you to flog items in buy stations to buy new useful items.

In this guide, we’ll explain how the new DMZ barter system works, which items you’ll need for it, and which barter recipes you should urgently remember. Once you’ve read our guide in detail, nothing will stand in your way of dominating the next DMZ round with your knowledge.

How does the barter system work in DMZ Season 3?

The developers have introduced the new Barter System in DMZ with the start of the third season. This allows you to trade items you find during an ongoing round for more useful items, such as armor. This works at all buying stations on the map. The buying stations have been given a new tab for this, which you have to click on. After that the correct window will open and you can trade your items.

Which items can I trade? You are very limited in the choice of your trade items. You can only trade items that are not lethal or stun your opponents etc.. Stun grenades, explosives, weapons, electric rods and so on are out. Instead, items that have often been left behind will now get a new stage:

These barter items you should keep:

  • toothpaste
  • hard drives
  • watches
  • Batteries
  • alcohol
  • hand cream
  • canned food
  • Tea
  • lighter
  • tools

Along with cash, gas masks, ammo and armor boxes, and medical equipment, you can then buy new useful items at the Barter at the buy station.

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List of all Barter items in DMZ Season 3

You can create a total of 14 different items with 14 different recipes at the purchase stations at the Barter. For some of them you need cash as well as special and rare items. Here are all the new items in DMZ Season 3 that you can buy at the Barter:

New Vests

  • 3-Plate Communication Vest
  • 3-Plate Medicine Vest
  • 3-Plate Sneak Vest

New Backpacks

  • Scavenger Backpack
  • Security Backpack
  • Field Upgrades
  • ammo box
  • Armor Box
  • tactical camera
  • Resurrection Pistol

radiation shield

  • gas mask
  • radiation blocker


  • skeleton key
  • control room key
  • farmhouse key

All Barter Recipes in DMZ Season 3


Communications Vest 2x Hard Drives 2x Battery 1x Hand Cream
medical vest 3x Bandage 1x Liqueur 1x Clock
Stealth Vest 2x Electrical Parts 1x Comic Book 1x Game Console


Scavenger Backpack 1x Battery 1x Canned Food 2x Weapon Cleaning Oil
Secure Backpack 1x Electrical Drill 1x Benzinkanister 1x Golden Skull


Ammunition Box 1x Imported Tea $500 Cash ,
Armor Box 1x Electrical Tape 1x Screw Driver 1x C4
tactical camera 1x Car Battery , ,
Revive Pistol 1x Bandage 1x Hand Cream ,

radiation protection

gas mask 2x Toothpaste 1x Lighter ,
radiation blocker 1x Blow Torch , ,


Skeleton Key 1x GPU , ,
control room key 6x Stronghold Keycards , ,
Farm House Key 3x Radiation Blocker , ,


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