Due to this problem in the stomach, there is also pain in the neck.

Due to this problem in the stomach, there is also pain in the neck.

Neck Pain Symptoms: Stomach pain is related to neck pain. Something similar has come to the fore in new research. The layman may not understand how the two are connected, but pain in your collarbone could mean that something is wrong with the abdomen. Researchers are also surprised about the facts revealed in the study. Doctors say that the collarbone is the long, thin bone that is at the top of your chest. Along with protecting the neck, it helps in keeping the person standing straight.

What does abdominal pain have to do with neck?

Researchers at the University of Virginia Medical Center said that shoulder pain may be the only symptom of gastric ulcer. In some cases, it has been reported that due to stomach ulcers, sore throat can occur. Another research committee also conducted research on patients suffering from gastric ulcer. Research revealed that the major symptom of the patient was pain in the left shoulder for a long time. The report said that the most common symptoms of stomach ulcers were burning sensation and pain in the stomach. Although every time these symptoms are not more serious.

Other symptoms may include

Many other symptoms can also appear in this. Indigestion, irritability, loss of appetite, loss of appetite, fatigue, rapid weight loss are included. Apart from this, another symptom may appear. There is belching or bloating after eating fatty food. Researchers say that having a stomach ulcer can be serious at times.

These serious symptoms can also be seen.

Blood can come from the place of ulcer, the lining of the stomach opens at the place of bursting of ulcer. Ulcer blocks the speed of digestion of food by spoiling the digestive system. If the stool is dark, sticky or tar-like. There is severe pain in the stomach. Symptoms like vomiting of blood may appear.

This also causes pain in the collarbone

Poor sleeping can also cause pain in the collarbone. Continuously sleeping on one side or not sleeping properly can cause damage to the collarbone. Choose the right pillow and place to sleep at night. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, pain in your collarbone can also be a symptom of pericarditis. This occurs when the pericardium, a thin membrane that holds the heart in place and helps it to function properly, becomes damaged. There is swelling in it. This causes severe pain. Pain can also occur if the collarbone is broken or fractured. Osteomyelitis is a rare and painful bone infection. This usually causes pain in the long bone of the legs or the back of your arms.

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