Exclusive: ‘Mrs Undercover’ director Anushree Mehta on inspiration behind the film, casting Radhika Apte & more

Exclusive: ‘Mrs Undercover’ director Anushree Mehta on inspiration behind the film, casting Radhika Apte & more

New Delhi: Zee5’s upcoming film ‘Mrs Undercover’ starring Radhika Apte in the lead role is the story of how a housewife juggles with her everyday duties of a wife and a mother while simultaneously working as an undercover agent. The film also throws light on how women have to tackle misogyny in their everyday lives. Zee English Digital had an exclusive chat with Anushree Mehta, the director of ‘Mrs Undercover’ who talked about the inception of the idea and what went into the making of the film. She also spoke at length about how they cast Radhika Apte for this unique role.

When asked how did she come up with a story like Mrs. Undercover and what was the inspiration behind it, Anushree Mehta said, “Stories happen to your subconscious and then the subconscious actually conveys it beautifully to you and that is when you open your laptop and start writing. I think my subconscious is very aware of the fact that I want to tell stories of women who need to be celebrated and it all starts from your own house. That’s how I think my subconscious gave me this idea which enabled me to write and make a film to celebrate a housewife who is the truest personification of MAA DURGA. It goes without saying that my mother is one of the biggest inspirations behind this film and I dedicate this film to the powerhouse homemaker who has given birth to me and raised me.”

When asked how she went on to cast Radhika Apte for this role, the director said, “I have always loved Radhika Apte’s work and her entire body of work. Somehow while writing the film, she became my reference point. The kind of immense spontaneity she has on screen was something that pulled me in. The moment I finished the script and narrated it to my producing partner Abir Sengupta, he immediately took me to Radhika Apte and she said yes.”

Watch the trailer of Mrs. Undercover here

‘Mrs Undercover’ boasts of a stellar star cast including Radhika Apte, Sumeet Vyas and Rajesh Sharma, among others. The film is all set to premiere on OTT platform Zee5 on April 14, 2023.


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