Forgetting enmity after years, these two Shia-Sunni countries are coming closer, read ballads in praise of China

Forgetting enmity after years, these two Shia-Sunni countries are coming closer, read ballads in praise of China

Saudi Arabia And Iran Relations: The world’s two largest Shia and Sunni countries are going to forget their enmity and start a new formal relationship after about seven years. In this sequence, an Iranian envoy reached Saudi Arabia and now a delegation of Saudi Arabia is on a visit to Iran.

According to Iran’s official news agency IRNA, diplomatic relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia are being restored after mediation by China last month. In accordance with the agreement between the two countries in Beijing, the Iranian delegation arrived in Saudi Arabia to visit the Iranian embassy in Riyadh and reopen the consulate there. On the other hand, King Salman of Saudi has invited Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi to visit Saudi.

friendship between two big islamic countries

A Saudi technical team headed by Nasser Al-Ghannoum recently held talks with Iranian Foreign Ministry officials at the Foreign Ministry’s headquarters in Tehran. Earlier, Saudi Arabia and Iran had agreed to reopen diplomatic missions in both the countries within a period of two months.

A statement then said that technical teams from the two countries would continue to coordinate and discuss ways to enhance cooperation between the two sides, including resumption of flights, bilateral visits by public and private sector delegations, and facilitating the issuance of visas. Is.

China is getting accolades

On the other hand, China is also being praised for restoring relations between the two countries. Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani said that China has played a constructive role in bringing Iran-Saudi Arabia relations back on a normal track.

He said that the Chinese government actively promoted the constructive transformation of relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia. This was a commendable step. According to the spokesperson, after completing the necessary preparations, Iran and Saudi Arabia will send ambassadors to each other’s country.

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