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International Flights Are 30% More Expensive Than Last Year—Here’s How to Save

International Flights Are 30% More Expensive Than Last Year—Here’s How to Save

Travelers planning a summer vacation overseas will need to pack patience, and pay up, according to a new report from the American Automobile Association (AAA).

International travel from the United States has increased over 200%, and ticket prices to overseas destinations have also jumped nearly 30% since 2022, according to the report. The top destination for upcoming international travel from the US is London, which has seen a 350% increase, followed by Rome, Paris, and Dublin, the report shared.

While the prices may have jumped, savvy travelers can still find deals for summer travel by doing their research and considering low-cost carriers.

Websites such as hopper and Going Track airfare prices and can provide alerts when flights are discounted.

“International travelers who fly mid-week (usually Wednesday) can save significantly by heading out on longer haul trips midweek as well, with airfare averaging $70 (about 9%) less than weekend prices,” Hopper’s lead economist, Hayley Berg, said.

Additionally, when you book your ticket may impact the total amount you pay. For flights from the US to Europe, it is best to book at least one month before your anticipated departure.

Travelers may also want to consider flying into a secondary airport such as London’s Gatwick or Paris’s Orly Airport to save extra money.

French bee, a low-cost and long-haul carrier that operates flights from the US to Europe, has a “Low Fare CalendarThat reveals tickets available from New York to Paris’ Orly Airport for $182 one-way, while the average cost is $334 for a one-way ticket.

Low-cost airlines can be advantageous for large groups or families due to the ability to mix and match the tier of tickets purchased.

“For families, while parents can book the standard all-encompassing ticket offering that includes a checked bag, save on the extra spend for the kids by booking a ticket that has no frills or extras and build from there,” French bee’s managing director, Muriel Assouline said.

The AAA report also spotlights that cruising has experienced a major rebound post-pandemic. Cruises departing from international destinations have increased 30% this year compared to the same period last year, and European river cruises have seen especially high growth. Emerald Cruises told T+L that most sailings on their Douro River cruises are full, or nearly full, and they recently took action by extending the season.

Cruise industry leaders also say a rise in solo travel and off-season travel have become contributing factors to the rebound in river cruises.

“Our Christmas Market cruises are 90% sold out, so we’ve added two new Christmas market cruises on the Danube in late November to provide more options,” Avalon Waterways President Pam Hoffee said.


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