Is France moving away from the American camp? President Macron said – ‘We are not America’s fiefdom’

Is France moving away from the American camp?  President Macron said – ‘We are not America’s fiefdom’

Emmanuel Macron on US China: France, a European country counted in the American camp, is fueling an ‘independent diplomacy’ these days. French President Emmanuel Macron says that Europe should reduce its dependence on America. While rebuking America, Macron even said that we are not America’s fiefdom, we have the right to take our own decisions.

After this, the Emmanuel government of France has given a big blow to America by supporting the Chinese policy. The French President said that we are with China’s One China policy. However, he also insisted on ending the China-Taiwan conflict peacefully. He said, “France is in favor of maintaining the status quo in Taiwan, and wants the problem to be resolved peacefully.”

French President recently visited China

Let us tell you that French President Emmanuel Macron had gone on a visit to China a few days ago, where Xi Jinping gave him a grand welcome. Many issues were discussed in both the countries. Since then, the voices of the President of France have been coming alternately. Emmanuel Macron was on a tour of the Netherlands on Wednesday. During this, he said that he stands by his statement given during his visit to China. Macron said- Being an ally of America does not mean we have to be their vassal.

‘We can’t solve the problem even in Ukraine’

On his return from China, Macron had said that we should avoid being dragged into the conflict between China and America over Taiwan. He said in a statement to Politico that the leaders of Europe should think that it is not in our interest to escalate the dispute related to Taiwan. We cannot solve the problem in Ukraine either.

The reaction of America has not yet come on such strong comments of the French President. Global experts are of the opinion that if the French Macron government maintains the same attitude, then America may get angry, which will not have a good effect in the future.

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