Jailed Gangster Atiq Ahmed’s Son Killed In Encounter By UP Police | NDTV 24×7


Atiq Ahmed’s Son Killed In Encounter: Dreaded gangster Atiq Ahmed’s son Asad, wanted in the Umesh Pal murder case, was gunned down by Uttar Pradesh police in an encounter in Jhansi today. His co-accused Ghulam was also shot dead.

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  1. Pseudosecular parties have been patronizing these criminal elements of muslims for decades.

    For a long time this mafia has been terrorising the society and state.

    Now they are being terrorised.

  2. 1. They Set GOALS.
    2. They Take Responsibility For Their Life.
    3. They Have Great Self Discipline
    4. They Are Obsessed With Self Development
    5. They Read. A LOT!
    6. They Manage Their Time Well
    7. They Take Risks!
    8. They Keep Going When They Suffer Failure & Setbacks
    9. They Find A Way To Win
    10. They Do What They Love

  3. Sadly this government is not doing as much as it’s expected from it…
    We have very high expectations!!

    But it’s also true it need to target the big fish’s first who not only does in human activities without any fear of law but also inspires others to do so ..

    Unfortunately it’s also true our political system try to find religion in this also .. when a goon from majority killed not much news but if the other way it’s big news!! Don’t you find hypocrisy in the same ..
    it’s also not true if unfortunately goons and terrorists are from a community is more then number of such encounters will be more among that very community and the innocent from that community will also sadly become victims of others suspicion!!
    It’s say but ugly truth in my opinion atlist

    Ram Ram

  4. सबकी नजर 20 लाख की गाड़ी पलटने पर थी
    पर यहां तो ₹15 के कैप्सूल से ही निपटा दिया
    जय हो योगी बाबा


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