Home World Leaving Pakistan completely will not be in favor of India.

Leaving Pakistan completely will not be in favor of India.

Leaving Pakistan completely will not be in favor of India.

Our neighboring country Pakistan, which was once a part of us, is getting deeper into trouble day by day. Be it the economic crisis, the problem of the Pakistani Taliban, or the protests spreading in Sindh and Balochistan, Pakistan has turned into a mess. India seems completely unaffected by this situation. The interaction between the governments of India and Pakistan has been negligible for some years. It was last seen in February 2021, when both the countries agreed on a ceasefire. Delhi is adamant that Islamabad should stop supporting terrorism completely. Pakistan also doesn’t seem very keen.

Relationship at lowest level in last 8 years

Now Foreign Minister S Jaishankar, however, had sent an invitation to Pakistani Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to be held in Goa in May. If Bilawal accepts this invitation, then this will be the first visit of any Pakistani foreign minister in the last 12 years. Hina Rabbani Khar had earlier visited India in 2011.

Whether it was the terrorist attack on Pathankot in January 2016 or the attack on Uri in September of the same year, relations between them deteriorated. After the Pulwama attack of 2019 and the abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir in the same year, the relationship became colder than cold. Pakistani Foreign Minister’s controversial statement added fuel to the fire when he called Indian Prime Minister Modi as the ‘Butcher of Gujarat’. Said. India retaliated sharply and when Pakistani PM Shehbaz Sharif made a statement like –‘&ldash;‘””””””- we have suffered loss by fighting three wars with India”, then India’s attitude also softened.

India takes a tough stand on the issue of terrorism

Pakistan’s internal condition is bad

Pakistani elite class is unable to fix their economy, inflation is skyrocketing, there is a stampede even for flour and the political situation is also not stable. The current ruling coalition in Pakistan, consisting of Nawaz Sharif’s Muslim League and Asif Zardari’s PAPIPA (Pakistan People’s Party), has also tried its best to establish peace with India several times in the last three decades, but the army Because of which he had to retreat. Today his own house is not well. They are fighting a battle of survival against Imran Khan. Improving relations with India is not even the top priority of Army Chief Asim Munir. They have too many domestic problems.

So, leave Pakistan altogether?

If Pakistan is broken or ruined, it will not be good for India either. After the Bangladesh war, we have seen how much infiltration of Bangladeshi refugees has taken place in India. We are already a very densely populated country. Also, if Pakistan is a failed nation, then we will have to face many problems. From drugs to terrorism and the influx of refugees, everything will happen. Therefore, a failed Pakistan is not in our favor. Yes, India should talk to him firmly and strictly. Keep your stand on terrorism tough and help Pakistan.

The idea that the ‘popular’ No, but ‘pragmatic’ That’s it. As S Rajamohan recounts in his article for The Indian Express, the late diplomat Satinder Lamba came very close to an India-Pakistan accord between 2004 and 2007, but was pulled out at the last minute by politicians. . The pressure of public opinion sometimes forces politicians to change their decisions. 

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