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Microsoft To Roll Out Ads In Windows 11 Start Menu

Microsoft To Roll Out Ads In Windows 11 Start Menu

New Delhi: Software giant Microsoft is bringing new updates in ‘Windows 11’ including ads of other Microsoft products on the ‘Start Menu’. The company has been calling the it “notifications for Microsoft accounts in the Start” instead of “promotion or advertisement”. These are now only appeared for a small number of users and will roll out the feature at a wide spectrum.

Some users call them to be intrusive ads. They are popping out in the recommend section along with the normal tools and quick tabs in the Start Menu. But some are considering it a useful way to have notifications which they might be unaware off.

In the latest update, Microsoft fixed a few minor bugs and compatibility issues as well as a lighter taskbar.

Microsoft Will Let You Turn Off Notifications

Microsoft is working on an ability to turn it off. As Microsoft is starting to put on native ads or notifications related to its products like Outlook, the company is working to let the users option to turn them off in case they feel them to be intrusive. They will toggle the option in Settings > Personalization > Start.

Separate Page To Manage USB4- Connected Devices

Microsoft updates Windows Settings on a regular basis. A separate page to manage your USB4-connected devices was added in one of the most recent releases.

Under Settings > Bluetooth & devices > USB > USB4 Hubs and Devices, you may access the specific USB4 Hubs and Devices Settings page. You can dock high-performance peripherals, monitors, and displays on this new page. Additionally, it gives users knowledge about the capabilities and linked peripherals.

The USB4 page allows you to view the attributes and capabilities of the connected USB4 hubs and devices and copy the information to the clipboard for sharing with customer support during troubleshooting.


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