Mumbai Police Uses Car Brands In Quirky Way To Promote Road Safety: See Pics

Mumbai Police Uses Car Brands In Quirky Way To Promote Road Safety: See Pics

Mumbai Police has decorated its social media with appealing ways of spreading awareness regarding road safety. The police departments often resort to creative ways to proliferate information that is appealing to Gen Z. To create such content, the police department uses cryptic and often quirky ways. This time they have used popular car brands in India to create posts for road safety awareness. The creative posts use names of auto manufacturers in India like Tata Motors, Mahindra, Kia, and others.

The post shared on social media shows the logos of various car brands with a message associated with it. The different slides have road safety messages like, “Say TATA to cars parked illegally.” It continues with the same pattern using the name of other brands; the other messages say, “MAHINDRA don’t be a bahubali on the streets,” and “PUC KIA kya.”

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Similar messages continue with the names of models from various brands. The messages in the slides say, “Follow CIVIC sense on road,” “Fortune(r) favors the safe,” “Don’t SWIFT by a red signal!” and “Don’t give us all that JAZZ about your speed.”

Since the post was shared on Instagram, it has been gaining popularity among users. As a result, the post now has over 51 thousand likes. Furthermore, the post also generated a lot of reactions on social media. Many people came forward to appreciate the efforts of the Mumbai Police, while others came up with similar puns using car names.

One of the users wrote, “Don’t park in the wrong VENUE.” Another user had a similar comment, “Don’t CRETA nuisance.” The trail of such replies went on, this is when a user came forward with a question in the puns and said, “VERNA kya?” The comment got the attention of the Mumbai Police, to which they responded, saying, “VERNA challan sir, koi AltOnative nahin.”

The Mumbai police published a similar post on road safety in March of last year, using puns about motorcycles. The Mumbai police humorously referenced the well-known motorcycle company Royal Enfield in their simple image urging people to wear helmets with the caption “Royals On Field, wear your crown.” The wordplay even included Ducati, a pricey motorcycle manufacturer that specializes in sports bikes. The Mumbai police issued a “Du-katti with speeding” warning to citizens.


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