Home Health One out of four people may have a heart attack without any risk factor, this is the reason: Study

One out of four people may have a heart attack without any risk factor, this is the reason: Study

One out of four people may have a heart attack without any risk factor, this is the reason: Study

Heart Attack Without Risk Factor: Till now we knew that there are many risk factors for heart attack, from which we should avoid, but now you can get heart attack even without risk factor. This has been revealed in a recently published study by the doctors of Madras Medical College. Study According to the National Institutes of Health, one in four people did not have common risk factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and smoking at the time of their first major heart attack.The study found that hospital death or death from all causes up to one year after discharge was similar in the at-risk and non-at-risk groups.The findings are based on data from 2,379 people enrolled in the hospital’s heart attack registry between September 2018 and October 2019.

higher chance of death without risk factors

Dr G Justin Paul, lead author of the study and professor at the Institute of Cardiology at the Madras Medical College, says that people think that mortality without any standard risk factors should be low, but the study found that this is not the case. In fact some studies have shown that the risk of dying is actually higher than those without risk factors.This may be because people with risk factors are more likely to seek medical advice and try lifestyle changes.

Women at no risk of heart attack compared to men

The study also found that more women than men had heart attacks without any of the four risk factors.The reason why more women do not come forward with a history of the four risk factors may also be that they are not diagnosed before a cardiovascular event occurs, as women often do not value their health as much.At the same time, according to the study, the average age of heart attack people without risk factors was 57.4, while the average age of people with risk factors was 55.7. The study also found that among people who did not have the four risk factors at the time of their heart attack, 10.4 percent were former tobacco users, compared to only 5 percent of those with risk factors.

Other risks are also responsible for heart attack

According to Dr. Paul, if a quarter of people are having a heart attack without standard risk factors, it means that other risk factors are also involved, such as the patient’s emotional state, whether the patient feels guilty, whether the patient himself Does not consider it of any use or feels that people do not support him, is he stressed. All these factors can also be responsible for heart attack, which can be measured by simple tests.

mantra to keep heart healthy

according to dr paul To reduce the effect of risk factors, lifestyle management should include three e-eating, exercise and emotional stability. Everyone should work on these three things to keep their heart healthy. Whether they have risk factors or not. Even if you have bad genes, a healthy lifestyle can change their expression.

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