Home Fashion Scary or normal condition of Corona in India, how long will the cases reduce?

Scary or normal condition of Corona in India, how long will the cases reduce?

Scary or normal condition of Corona in India, how long will the cases reduce?

Covid Symptoms: In the year 2019, Kovid was declared an epidemic. This virus, which came from China, created a ruckus in the whole world. In the year 2021, patients in every house in India came under the grip of this virus. Lakhs of people got infected by this virus, while thousands of people died. After this, now such a dangerous wave of Corona has not been seen. Although the corona is still floating in the air. Once again an increase in the number of corona cases can be seen in India. The Central Government has clarified the situation regarding the new cases of Corona.

Cases will increase for 10-12 more days

According to media reports, the Union Health Ministry has said that in the case of Kovid in India, another increase can be seen for 10 to 12 days. After this, their cases will start decreasing. The central government is constantly monitoring the increasing cases of corona in the country. There is nothing to worry about.

Corona towards endemic stage

Union Health Ministry says that Kovid infection is in endemic stage. Its area has also become very limited. Experts say that even though the number of corona cases is increasing in the country, the number of people admitted to the hospital has decreased, which means that the virus does not have the ability to infect seriously.

Cases increasing due to XBB.1.16

The Ministry of Health says that XBB.1.16 is a sub-variant of Omicron. For this reason, the number of corona cases in the country has increased rapidly. This virus is not making you seriously ill. But due to its high infectious rate, it is taking a large number of people in its grip. The spread rate of XBB.1.16 was 21.6 percent in February, which has increased to 35.8 percent in March.

Death rate from Kovid in the country is 1.19 percent

According to the data of the Union Health Ministry, 4,47,76,002 have been infected in the country so far, while 4,42,04,771 people have been cured. The national rate of patients recovering from infection is 98.72 percent. While the percentage of active cases is 0.9 percent of the total cases. The death rate from Kovid in the country is 1.19 percent. So far 220.66 crore vaccines have been installed to protect against Kovid. On the other hand, if we look at the increasing cases of Kovid, 7,830 new cases have been reported in a day. This is the highest in the last 223 days.

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