Temperature is on the rise in April itself… IMD issued heat wave alert, this is how to combat the heat

Temperature is on the rise in April itself… IMD issued heat wave alert, this is how to combat the heat

Heat Waves Alert: The month of April is going on, and at this time there is only one thing on everyone’s lips that oops. Getting slapped by the hot winds. The India Meteorological Department has issued a heat wave alert for several states and has predicted a rise in maximum temperature by at least 2 to 4 degrees Celsius in the coming five days. The Meteorological Department has also warned that this year’s summer It is estimated to fall more. The Meteorological Department also believes that strong hot winds in March and April are unusual and if carbon emissions are not reduced from the atmosphere, then due to climate change, these heatwaves can become a normal part of the weather cycle.

What to do to avoid heat wave

Avoid going out in the sun-As far as possible, avoid going out in strong sunlight. Finish the important work by 11 o’clock. Going out between 12 to 3 in the afternoon can expose you to heatwave. Avoid going out when the sun is like a rock. Prevent children from playing outside in the afternoon. In strong sunlight Avoid doing any kind of exercise.

Hydrate –Keep yourself hydrated as much as possible. Many people do not have the habit of drinking water, due to which they forget to drink water for the whole day. Such people are more at risk of heatwave. Try to drink more and more water so that you do not get dehydrated. Even if you are not thirsty, keep drinking water sip by sip. If you do not like the taste of water, then you can drink it by adding lemon or making something like Jaljeera Shikanji.

choice of clothesIf you go out, keep yourself covered. Wear light colored clothes. Use cotton or linen cloth. It would be better to keep a hat or a towel on your head, this will not affect your head directly and you will face conditions like dizziness and fainting. Don’t have to.

Carry water with youWhenever you go to office or college, keep a water bottle with you. Or keep a solution of lemonade, juice, buttermilk, oraias and keep drinking it at regular intervals, so that you are less affected by heatwave.

Distance from tea coffee-Avoid consuming things like tea coffee alcohol soft drinks. All these things can dehydrate your body. That’s why do not drink any such soft drinks which cause dehydration in your body. Because due to lack of water in the body, you are at risk of heatwave.

keep yourself cool Apart from using AC coolers and fans, use face spray to keep yourself cool. Bathing with cold water can also be effective. Keep a curtain to keep the room cool, eat such food which can be easily digested. Consume seasonal fruits and juices, this also keeps the body cool.

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