The speed of Kovid increased in India, now a new wave of Corona has come in this country

The speed of Kovid increased in India, now a new wave of Corona has come in this country

Singapore Covid: An increase in the corona cases is being seen again in Singapore. Doctors say that most of the cases related to corona are of mild symptoms. Singapore has seen a higher jump in the recent weekly figures. Doctors say that the reason for the occurrence of such mild cases is that people have become accustomed to living with it.

An increase is being seen in the case of Corona in Singapore since the beginning of last month. Last month, in the last week of March, 28 thousand 410 cases were registered, which were twice as compared to the previous week. Last week, 14 thousand 467 new cases were reported. At present, the cases of corona are continuously increasing in India as well.

A wave of COVID-19 infections is underway
Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH) informed foreign media CNA that there is currently a wave of COVID-19 infection in Singapore. Corona virus of XBB sub-variants including XBB.1.5, XBB.1.9 and XBB.1.16 is responsible for this wave.

However, no serious cases have come to the fore during this period. The MOH said in a statement that we are expecting waves of new COVID-19 infections from time to time. For example, other respiratory diseases like influenza come to the fore. During this, more cases are being seen in clinics as well.

Number of patients increased in local clinic
An increase in the number of patients is being seen in local clinics in Singapore. Doctors say that a surge in cases is expected after the restrictions related to Kovid-19 are relaxed. Unihealth said last week that each of its clinics was seeing about 15 to 20 Kovid-19 patients every day, which is almost double compared to the previous month.

Dr Shi Huizhuang, the firm’s medical director, said most COVID-19 patients seen in clinics are showing mild symptoms. His condition is stable and he does not need to be admitted to hospitals.

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