This beauty became a star overnight by becoming a ‘bhootni’ in ‘Veerana’, know why the industry suddenly happened

This beauty became a star overnight by becoming a ‘bhootni’ in ‘Veerana’, know why the industry suddenly happened

Veerana Actress Jasmin Life Facts: If you are fond of watching horror films, then you must have also seen the Bollywood film ‘Veerana’. In which a beautiful lady with big eyes was seen scaring people. Whose beauty had made the audience crazy. The name of this actress is Jasmine Dhunna (Jasmin Dunna) Was. Who became an overnight star from the film. But you will be surprised to know that this actress, who touched heights with ‘Veerana’, did not appear in any film again. Let’s know why this is so…

Troubled by the don, the actress left India,

Actually, Jasmine had stepped into acting in the year 1979 with the film ‘Sarkari Mehman’. But this film did not last long. Then ‘Veerana’ was offered to the actress and this film changed her life. In the film, the actress appeared in a very glamorous role and also gave many bold scenes. According to reports, the censor board had cut 46 scenes. After which the film was released in the year 1988. After seeing Jasmine on the screen, not only the general public but also an underworld don had died on her beauty. Who wanted to make Haseena his own in any recent time. That’s why he started calling them again and again. Jasmine was quite nervous about this and she stopped leaving the house. Then a time came that the actress left India after getting upset and she started living in Jordan.

Close people told the rumor

On the other hand, according to media reports, people close to Jasmine say that all these things were just a rumour. So that Jasmine could not progress in her career and no director would take her in his film. This is the reason that ‘Veerana’ was Jasmine’s last film and at this time no one knows where the actress is now…

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