Home News National Ahmedabad’s Leading Retail Tech Startup Aims To Digitize Over 5 Lakh Retailers Across India

Ahmedabad’s Leading Retail Tech Startup Aims To Digitize Over 5 Lakh Retailers Across India

Ahmedabad’s Leading Retail Tech Startup Aims To Digitize Over 5 Lakh Retailers Across India

VasyERP has launched its cost-effective Omnichannel and Counter-less Retail Solutions to help small and medium-sized retailers compete with larger enterprises. It plans to bring ML and AI-driven demand forecasting and inventory planning as well.

The Indian retail market is one of the fastest growing in the world and is expected to reach USD 2 trillion by 2032, as per a recent report. It is estimated at USD 844 billion in 2022 with the unorganized retail market contributing around 87% of the share.

VasyERP Solutions has been working in the ERP industry for 6 years intending to bring tech-for-good solutions to the retail segment. They not only have reached a milestone of 12000+ customers during this time but have also collaborated with Reliance Industries Limited to accelerate the pace of bringing innovation to the industry while maintaining the most cost-effective pricing.

“I come from a business family where my father used to own a business of Agricultural goods and in my growing age, I have been through the journey of running a small business,” said Dharmendra Ahuja, Co-Founder and CEO. result, I am aware of the pulse of running a store as well as the challenges that retailer faces in their daily operations.”

He went on to say, “We understand how difficult it can be to run a successful retail business in India. Keeping track of inventory, managing transactions, and providing excellent customer service can all take a significant amount of time and effort. That is why we created an All-In-One POS solution that addresses multiple challenges rather than just one.”

They have recently launched a recent campaign Badhaye Business Ka Sense in Tata IPL 2023 which aims to bring awareness about All-in-one ERP that can help retail businesses choose an efficient option to manage their business.

VasyERP is a simple and efficient Retail ERP Solution that handles everything from eCommerce to ERP, Inventory, Cloud-POS, Omnichannel eCommerce, Self – Checkout, Smart Cart, m-POS, Customer Loyalty & Memberships, CRM, Offers & Discounts, GST Returns, Accounting and much more! This enables retailers to make informed business decisions, giving them a competitive advantage in today’s market.

“Our POS was created using the most up-to-date security protocols to ensure the safety of your business data and your customers’ information.” Our expert team is committed to providing excellent customer service and ensuring that you have a positive experience with our POS product.” says Dharmendra Ahuja.

There are approx 1.2 crore Kirana shops in India, but only 15000 are e-commerce enabled, accounting for 0.125%. VasyERP aims to bring efficiency to the retail sector by digitizing 5 lakh+ retailers across India till 2025 and offering cost-effective retail solutions.

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