All DMZ 3-plate vest Barter recipes: Medic, Comms, Stealth, and more

All DMZ 3-plate vest Barter recipes: Medic, Comms, Stealth, and more

DMZ players are familiar with scavenging throughout both Ashika Island and Al Mazrah. While most were used to ditching items like bandages or soothing hand cream, the new Barter system allows them to turn those items of little monetary value (and some items with extraordinary monetary value) into gear and resources for you and your team, such as three plate vests.

The Barter system is accessible through any Buy Station. Clicking the Barter section will open up a new menu, which will show you a plethora of recipes available to craft if you have the right ingredients.

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You can craft multiple useful items, ranging from smaller items like Gas Masks and Munitions Boxes to some of the most coveted items like three-plate vests and Revive Pistols. The items needed for these handy recipes also vary. While some are easy to get, you’ll need higher-end items to make some of the more appealing recipes. Making an Armor Box may require just one electrical tape, a screwdriver, and a C4, but a Skeleton Key will require you to find valuable items like a GPU.

While players seemingly can’t barter their way to a regular three-plate vest, they can use the system to get a shot at the new and improved plate carriers, which come with a few different effects. Here are all the Barter recipes for the special three-plate vests in DMZ,

All three-plate vests in DMZ and their barter recipes

While players can’t barter their way into the base version of the three-plate vest, the system allows them to craft different vests, each with its own effects:

  • Three-plate Stealth Vest
  • Three-plate Comms Vest
  • Three-plate Medic Vest
  • The Three-plate Tempered Carrier seems to be absent from the Barter system, at least early into season three.

How to make the Three-plate Stealth Vest DMZ

  • Two electrical components
  • one comic book
  • One game console

How to make the Three-plate Comms Vest in DMZ

  • Two hard drives
  • two batteries
  • One soothing hand cream

The Three-plate Comms Vest boosts the duration of UAV technologies, which include the Killstreak UAV, the scan from UAV towers, and the mini UAV enemies can sometimes drop. When an enemy is near you, it will also give you an auditory cue, which can potentially be a warning sign of impending danger.

How to make the Three-plate Medic Vest in DMZ

  • Three bandages
  • One liquor
  • One watch

The Three-plate Medic Vest “grants both faster revives on squadmates, as well as faster self-revives when using a Self-Revive Kit,” according to season three DMZ overview blog post, This makes it suitable for players who want to support their team, or who just want an easier way to self-revive in a pinch.


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