An artist who makes art from sea foam, this is the price of one

An artist who makes art from sea foam, this is the price of one

Udaipur News: Artists are recognized worldwide on the strength of their art. One such artist is Vardhman Chhajed, 72, a resident of Udaipur. Vardhaman makes shapes with such a material, with which no one works in the whole world. They create artefacts from the foam hitting the shores of sea water. He has been doing this work since the age of 12. Chhajed’s artwork is displayed even in the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

How long has Vardhman Chhajed been doing this work?

Vardhman Chhajed, who achieved the world record, lives in Ashok Nagar of Udaipur city. He told that he was going to become an engineer, but his father refused. After this, he studied at the local level here. When he was younger, he used to make clay sculptures. Sea foam was used to clean glass at home. Then started making it. Now it’s been 60 years since making it.

Chhajed tells that Atal Bihari Vajpayee had come to Udaipur when he was the Prime Minister. BJP workers had presented the picture made by me to him. Later an interview of Atal ji was published. It also had a photo of his residence. In that photo, a picture made by me kept on the table was visible. Later, a similar picture was also ordered for Rashtrapati Bhavan. He also told that he has many clients in the country. Apart from this, there is a demand for his photographs in many countries of the world including America, Canada.

how long does it take to make an artwork

He told that sea foam is easily available anywhere. I also have its previously collected stock. I make shapes from that. He told that this sea foam is so soft that it breaks if a little too much hand pressure is applied. Not only this, it happened many times that the figure was at the last stage and broke, and had to start rebuilding it again. He told that it depends on the shapes that how much time will it take. If the figure is small, it is made in a week. And if it is to be made a little bigger, it takes two to three years. He told that I have pictures worth Rs.1500 to Rs.6-7 lakh.

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