Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: After the breakup of the Kapadia family, the Shah family will be scattered?

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: After the breakup of the Kapadia family, the Shah family will be scattered?

Anupamaa Latest Episode: The twists and turns in the show Anupama Mein do not seem to stop. The track of separation of Anupama and Anuj is still going on. With this, after the Kapadia family, now the crisis of breaking up of the Shah family has arisen. Yes, Dimpy and Anuj’s marriage did not get Anu’s support, so Dimple started showing her true colors. In such a situation, not only did he snatch Anu’s academy, but now efforts are on to break the Shah family. Samar is not able to understand this thing.

Will Samar and Dimple separate?

Vanraj will be seen angry as Samar is going against the family. Actually, the whole game is of Dimpy. Dimpy has started making time dance at her behest. On one hand, Dimpy snatches Anupama’s academy. On the other hand, the family members do not know anything about this. In such a situation, Anupama’s younger daughter tells Bapuji what Dimpy did to Anupama. When Vanraj comes to know about this, he will chase Samar away. But time will be on Dimpy’s side. In such a situation, the matter will increase to such an extent that Samar will ask to leave the house.

Will Anuj’s eyes open?

Here, Vanraj will meet Anuj. When he will see Anuj in a strange condition, he will reach him and ask him that now he will not enter Anu’s life again, will he? In such a situation, he will look at Vanraj angrily. Then Vanraj will say that Anupama needs friendship at this time, not a husband. I will pretend to be that friend. Now what will happen next in the story? Here, when Vanraj’s words will echo again and again in Anuj’s ears, will he realize that he has done wrong with Anupama? Knowing this is going to be very interesting.

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