‘CM Yogi gave a new message’, this Muslim leader’s statement on Asad Ahmed’s encounter is being discussed

‘CM Yogi gave a new message’, this Muslim leader’s statement on Asad Ahmed’s encounter is being discussed

UP Municipal Corporation Election 2023: Taking the message of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the midst of UP municipal elections, many leaders of Minority Front including National President of BJP Minority Front Jamal Siddiqui and State President of UP BJP Minority Front Kunwar Basit Ali reached Moradabad in UP. He offered Friday prayers at Jama Masjid and met the Muslims and apprised them of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s views and said that with the slogan of Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas, BJP is giving equal benefits to the minority community in government schemes and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants Muslims to trust BJP, that’s why it has been decided to publish 100 episodes of Prime Minister’s Mann Ki Baat in Urdu and distribute one lakh books of it among Muslims across the country, so that the Muslims of the country can be benefitted by the government. You can get information about the beneficial schemes going on.

For this, BJP is also running programs like Modi Mitra, Sufi Samvad and Pasmanda Sammelan to unite Muslims. BJP leaders reached the house of Mittal artisan Dilshad Hussain, who received the Padma Shri award, met him and praised his skills and said that the BJP government is the benevolent government of the poor and artisans. Jamal Siddiqui said that in earlier governments, these awards were fixed and were given to their own people, but the BJP government is honoring the poor after finding them.

PM Modi and CM Yogi gave a new message – Jamal Siddiqui
Jamal Siddiqui said that he is also a Muslim and has come to Jama Masjid to offer Friday prayers like other Muslims. Here there will be no talk of politics inside the mosque. We will meet the Muslim brothers at their homes and will also participate in a programme. Namaz and Roza are worship, so there will be no talk of politics in this, but we want to say that our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and our UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath have given a new message that first use then trust. Seeing the work done by the government here, people are understanding who is their friend and who is their enemy. That’s why people now want to support Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in large numbers. People from different sections want to support Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the work of building India and are giving him blessings. We have set up a Modi Mitra program to involve non-political people in this work. We are seeing that big people are working closely with the Prime Minister, Modi is becoming a friend.

what did you say on the account
On encounter politics, Jamal Siddiqui said that when Vikas Dubey’s encounter took place in Kanpur, no one said that there was an encounter of a Hindu. Describing AIMIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi as a traitor to Muslims and the country, he asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to send Owaisi to jail, he only wants riots to happen. Jamal Siddiqui said that the SP does complete forgery and the BSP is ending now, so they are not getting any issue. Jamal Siddiqui said that Yogi Adityanath is a saint, a fakir, a pir. No one is a stranger in his eyes, no ruffian can escape from his eyes and no one can trouble a decent man. That’s why all Muslims should come out on the streets and support Yogi ji and oppose the hooligans. There is no religion of a criminal or a terrorist, the police have encountered a criminal who was firing on the police.

What did the president of UP BJP Minority Morcha say
President of UP BJP Minority Morcha, Basit Ali said that our national president Jamal Siddiqui is visiting and meeting the minority community people who have been honored by the President. We have a program to communicate with them for their different commendable works, as well as a program to meet Roza Iftar and respected people. Today we have come to meet prominent people of our society and this program will continue. Leaders questioning the encounter should listen to the statement of the mother of the shooter who died in the encounter, who has said that these people tricked my son 3 months ago and my son has committed a crime so we will not take his dead body, He has got the punishment for what he did.

Basit Ali said that this is a big message and it is enough to justify the action taken in the encounter. Basit Ali said that whatever winning candidates will ask for tickets in Muslim-dominated areas in the municipal elections, our panel will decide the tickets. Basit Ali said that many leaders of SP, BSP and Congress want to contest elections from BJP, it is up to our party to decide whether they want to contest elections or not. Basit Ali claimed that many big leaders of these parties are in contact with us, whose names are not appropriate to be disclosed now. It is clear from the statement of Basit Ali that BJP is trying to make a dent in the opposition parties and many leaders have also come in contact with BJP. The way BJP’s Minority Front is trying to make Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Mission 2024 successful by going among Muslims to connect them with the party and giving information about government schemes, it seems that in the coming days, Muslim voters will also turn towards BJP. Can take its stand, due to which the opposition parties have lost their sleep.

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