Covid cases have started increasing again… If you are traveling then keep these things in mind

Covid cases have started increasing again… If you are traveling then keep these things in mind

Covid travel guidelines: Once again the cases of corona have started increasing. Concern is increasing in India as well as in the world. Now the XBB.1.16 version of Omicron subvariant is catching people. In view of this danger, the governments have also issued necessary guidelines. If you are planning to travel anywhere in the country or abroad, then you must follow the Covid Tarvel Guidelines. With this you will be safe from Covid and the journey will also be fun…

Guidelines for International Tourists

The Ministry of Health, Government of India has issued a guideline regarding International Arrivals Guidelines. According to this, the passengers coming to India will be subjected to corona test. Whether they have got all the doses of the vaccine or not, it will also be investigated. If symptoms of Kovid are seen in a passenger, then the passenger will have to be isolated.

Guidelines for travelers in India

If you travel anywhere, wear a mask, keep distance from others and follow the guidelines.

Before the journey, thermal screening of the passengers should be done by the health officials.

If any passenger shows symptoms of Kovid at the time of screening, then he will be isolated immediately.

If someone is found to be Covid positive during the journey, then his sample should be sent ahead.

Keep these things in mind while traveling

wear double mask and gloves

If you are going on a journey, then you have to pass through a large number of people on the way. In this case, use double mask and gloves. With this you can avoid Kovid.

avoid traveling in crowds

Corona spreads more in crowded places, we are all aware of this, so whenever you go on a journey, pay attention not to go to a place where there is more gathering.

Keep sanitizer and extra mask nearby

When the Covid cases reduced, people stopped using sanitizers and also reduced the precautions. But now once again such a time has come when it should be started using it. That’s why use a sanitizer and keep an extra mask with you.

don’t eat with a lot of people

Many times during travel, you have to go to such places, where you may have to eat food with many people on the roadside or in a restaurant or start having tea and snacks, then you should avoid it. You can keep yourself safe by changing your habits.

note before going abroad

If you are going on a trip to another country, then keep the report of the corona test with you and if you are ill, then try to postpone the trip.

get corona test done

After returning from the journey, if you are ill for two to three days and you are not feeling well, then you should get the corona test done immediately on the advice of the doctor.

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